Saturday, November 6, 2021

Give Thanks in November Day #6


We have already highlighted our gratitude for our families, but today we are going to highlight another special group of people in our lives.  For day #6 we want to show how grateful we are for wonderful FRIENDS!

Have a great and wonderful friend who will stick by you no matter what?  If you are fortunate to have a true friend, treasure that relationship because they are not easy to come by.  Some people are not fortunate enough to have a strong family relationship and in some cases these friendships turn into a family.  No matter what, friends are an amazing part of our lives.  They are there to laugh with you in the hilarious moments and to wipe your tears during life's trying times.

I personally have been blessed with having a friend that we have literally been friends our whole lives.  Our mother's were friends and had us within a week of each other.  We went through our entire childhood, all the way through school, and remain good friends even after we got married and started our own families.  I would have loved to do a layout a with her, but we are in the process of moving and I didn't have any fun, older photos with us.  So I decided to kind of cheat and make a layout of my sister and me.  She is not only my awesome sister, but she is one of my best friends!  I decided to use a getting some work done photo and a glam shot of us at our cousin's wedding.  For this layout I used one of Aimee Harrison's sample layouts as my inspiration to create this page from scratch using her Kindred Spirits Collection.

Here are some other friend oriented kits that are just right for those cherished memories!

Be sure to follow us and check in tomorrow for #7!

Have a great day!
Love, Carly

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