Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Give Thanks in November Day #2


A new day, a new thing to be thankful for!  For day #2 we are going to highlight having a place to call HOME!

Having a home is such a daily blessing and I think it is easy to take that for granted.  A house is a huge thing to be grateful for and one that has so many other little blessings connected to it such as warmth when it is cold, a dishwasher (for some), a roof that hopefully doesn't leak, electricity that you can turn on just by the flick of the switch, indoor plumbing, a cozy place to sleep at night, and so many other things!

But even more than having a material home, having a safe place that you share with loved ones is so important!  We are always telling our kids, a house is an address, and a home is wherever we all are.

No matter what your home looks like, big or small, colorful, in the city or out in the country, we have so many beautiful home kits that will make it easy to create cozy home layouts just perfect for your coffee table!

Below I have decided to scrap our two wonderful homes that we have had the pleasure of living in.  The one on the right, my husband and I purchased right before we got married.  We lived in it for 9 wonderful years and then built our house on the left.  I loved our new house, but I had such a hard time letting our old house go...it was like it was a part of the family!  For this layout I used the quick page pack from Kristmess Designs' Home Tweet Home Collection.

Here are some other home oriented kits that are perfect for those cozy moments spent at home!

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Have a great day!
Love, Carly

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