Saturday, March 23, 2019

Designer Tip by QueenBrat Designs!

Have you ever found the perfect embellishment to add to your scrap page, but it's the wrong color?  Did you know you can re-color that embellishment in MyMemories Suite 9? With just a click of a couple of buttons that perfect embellishment will also be the perfect color.
You want to begin by opening up your embellishment in your project that you are working on. Stay on the layer of your embellishment that you want to change the color of.

Go to your CONTROL PANEL and click on the button.


Click on the MORE button on the bottom left.

Click on the PICKER tab at the top.

A box of colors from your project will pop up on the right.  Use your mouse to move around this box and find the color that you want to change your embellishment to.  Click on the color of your choice.  You will see the color fill in at the bottom preview.

Click okay and then okay again.
 Voilà!!  Easy peasy.  You’re done.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Inspired by Colors with Marie H Designs

Hi! I am Marie from Marie H Designs and I am here to present to you a blog series called “Inspired by Colors”. Colors are everywhere and it is also a big part of being a digital scrapbooking designer.

I get inspired daily in my everyday life by colors. Each colors tend to bring an emotion to us. For example Yellow to me bring happiness while Purple brings me serenity. I want to show you an image I have created about what emotions colors are representing. Sometimes it is accurate to us but sometimes we have another meaning for a color based on memories.

 I like to browse Pinterest or other sites like Designs seeds to simply look at color palettes and get inspired to create layouts (and kits as well).

I want to show you 2 colors palettes that has inspired me to create 2 products and layouts that I have created with them.

This color palette with the mix of pink, purple and aqua I fell totally in love with it and I have created with it a very girly kit “Just Breathe”.

And this is a layout that I have created with it. Since the beginning I had that photo in mind because of the aqua of the dress.

This next color palette is one of my favorite EVER. I could create over and over with it and would never get tired. When I see these colors it makes me so cheerful.

I have twiched a bit the orange to make it more redish and voila! Bohemian Style was born.

This layout with my little one I had to use this kit that brings back the colors of what she is wearing. I don’t know for you but I tend to either trying to make it match or go on the complete opposite when it comes to matching the products I use with photos I want to scrap.

 So how do you get inspired by colors when it comes to create layouts and memories to keep? Do you agree with the emotions that the colors brings?

I want to see your layouts and you are welcome to join me in my monthly challenge in the My Memories Forum HERE.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Meet Featured Designer LLL Creations!


Hello fellow scrappers...

I am so excited to be featured designer... because... this month I am celebrating 8 years at My Memories! There have been so many changes over the years and I've enjoyed every one of them.  Changes help things improve and improvement makes things easier for YOU, our loyal and lovely customers.

I'm a regular user of My Memories Suite since version 2 and we are now on version 9! All of my scrapbook pages our made with it.  I have kept up with all the changes so if you ever have a question about My Memories Suite I would gladly answer them for you.  Follow me on Facebook HERE and ask away!
(My layout for this post was created using Stamped Watercolor Dreams ... come see the entire collection HERE)

I like to scrap everything ... from Christmas to Vintage.
Layout created using 'Country Christmas'... see the entire collection HERE

Layout created using 'Winter Chill' available HERE

Layout created using 'Beautiful Life'. See the entire collection HERE
Layout created using 'Elegant Rose Gold'.  See the entire collection HERE.

Layout created using 'Old News'.  See the entire collection HERE.

Being a part of this team has been a joy for me. Hard work for sure but a passion that I've had for years.  I get tired, I burn out, I get in a rut and sometimes I have no idea what to do next.  But then I take a break and rejuvenate and it all works out.  Like now ... lol.

I'm off on a much needed vacation in a week with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and my two grandsons to Dominican Republic. One week of no computer, (I'm taking my phone for emergencies ..right??)  no designing,  just one week of family time.

So.... in the meantime ... how about YOU enjoy 35% off my ENTIRE shop? My entire shop is on sale from March 19th until April 2nd. A week vacation and the other days to prepare and recoup... you get it right? 

And that also includes my brand new release ...'Tropical Travel'!
Check out the kit, all the add on packs and the bundle! (Which I created to scrap my upcoming tropical vacation).

This is also a time to thank all my loyal customers and followers. Without you I would of never lasted 8 years. It takes a lot of time to do this job. A lot of hard work and many hours away from family. So thank you ... for letting me do what I love and make it worth it.

Make sure you check out my shop while it's on sale HERE

You can follow me on any of these social networks:
LLL Creations on Facebook HERE
LLL Creations on Pinterest HERE
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LLL Creations Blog HERE

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

MyMemories March 2019 Blog Train!

Who's ready for some fun? Join the designers at MyMemories on this month's blog train!
You will be directed to each designers store at the MyMemories site. If you have not already done so, you will need to sign up for an account [note: this is a one time sign up and no purchase is necessary].
There is a special link to each designers gift that must be obtained from each designer. That link will take you to their store and their gift.
The new process is:
  • visit each designer’s blog or FB posting for their preview & special link
  • click on the link provided you will then be taken to their MyMemories store
  • place their gift in your shopping cart
  • check out when you have all the gifts collected 
Here is the lineup!

Designer Tip by MagsGraphics - Using Layout Frames in MMS


Hey Scrappy Friends,

This is Mags from MagsGraphics - I’m here to show off a new product of mine AND show you how to use it!

A few weeks ago, I went on my Spring Scrap Retreat with 4 of my local friends. In 4 days, I scrapped 70 layouts (and watched 11 movies! 😁). I’m always looking for ways to scrap lots of photos quickly so I can power through my own scrapbooks; one of the ways is to use these 12”x12” Layout Frames: 

For Photoshop users, they can easily crop a photo to fit any size or shape, but in MyMemories Suite Software, it is a little trickier. So I’ve made a video for you to show you how to use one of these frames!

It also helps that I specifically use the MyMemories Photo Box Shapes as a reference for the hearts and stars used in my Layout Frames.  I wanted these to work easily for MMS users.

Before watching the video, you’ll want to open MyMemories Suite and start a new 12”x12” project or photobook. You should also know what photos you want to use and what kit(s). For purposes of this tutorial, I am using one photo and several patterned papers - but the steps just repeat for multiple photos.

Be kind! While I am very experienced with MMS, this is my first tutorial video! 😊 
The collections used in this tutorial are BEACH PARADISE and 12X12 LAYOUT FRAMES. The WIZARDS WORLD Collection is also referenced.

  Now it’s YOUR turn! These layout frames, as well as ALL of my products are 35% OFF until March 22nd - it’s the perfect time to snag the new Frames and crank out some beautiful layouts!

Here are just some of the layouts created with my new frames!


I can’t wait to see what YOU make.
Be sure to stop by the MagsGraphics Gallery Showcase Group on Facebook to show off your work!