Saturday, August 8, 2020

Designer Tip from ADB Designs

Today I want to help you understand the many ways you can use the tool I call Blendables.  They are also referred to as stamps, splatters, graffiti, transfers, rub-ons and possibly other names I am not familiar with. Regardless of what they are called, they are a marvelous tool to make your layouts stand out as unique and special.

Think of Blendables as an enhanced stamp that is usually placed on your uppermost paper,
Blendables should never have a shadow, since they are like an inked stamp in paper scrapbooking.  Blendables should not be enlarged from their original size but can be reduced in size; you can erase portions or leave them whole. I like to move Blendables all around my page until I finally see and feel it is in the right place. More than one Blendable can be used on a page; sometimes I like overlapping two or more. 

Below are some layouts from my Creative Team member Renee, who has a special love of my blendables and is a pro at using them.

On this page, Renee placed a Blendable from my Fragments of Memory heritage collection behind a photo to match the grey color of the black & white photo and to enhance the photo and help it stand out.
Blendables can be rotated to showcase only the part that compliments your photo or page as demonstrated in Renee's layout from my Apple Pie Collection.
Blendables can add depth to your page by acting as an anchor or background for the other elements on your page as demonstrated by this wonderful page by Renee. She used my heritage collection, Read All About It.                          
Here is a gift for you to learn for yourself about the wonderful tool I call a Blendable.  This matches my brand new August Exclusive collection: A Wind Called Mariah
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I hope you found this Designer Tip helpful.
Happy scrapping!
ADB Designs

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Inspiring Layouts From Our Designers

Inspiring Layouts From Our Designers

Recently our designers have shared so many of their beautiful layouts with me that I thought it would be nice to do a blog post highlighting them!  Below you will find the collection along with the stunning layout that matches that collection.  If you love it, then all you need to do is click on the collection and you will be directed to the product page.

Happy Fall Ya'll by Sweet Pea Designs

Summer Escape by Happy Scrap Arts

Staying Connected by Kathryn Estry

Hiking Adventures by PerlineDesign

Summer Skies by Kimeric Kreations

Woof by QueenBrat Digital Designs

This Beautiful Life by Tami Miller

Camping Life by Lindsay Jane

Magical Memories by Magical Scraps Galore

I hope you enjoyed this little gallery session seeing these beautiful kits!

Stay safe and well!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Meet Featured Designer Tammy From Polka Dot Chicks!

Photograph taken by Shelby @shelbybphotography

To celebrate me being featured designer I have my whole store on sale for 50% off so click HERE to take a look!

Thank you for looking, be safe and hugs!

Monday, August 3, 2020

The Magic of AddOn Packs with Connie Prince

Welcome to my Blog Series for My Memories called “The Magic Of AddOn Packs”!

If you are like me, having enough time to do everything and do it well can be tricky.  Through the years as I’ve created collections I have come to rely on the pre-made AddOn Packs from my collections to help me get my own scrapbook layouts done in a beautifully efficient way!

This month we are going to look at a layout that Lisa created using my Butterfly Garden Collection.

The base paper is from the Butterfly Garden Messy Paper Pack & she has used a second from the pack to layer on top.  These are papers that are already decorated for you.  They work great alone or in conjunction with other parts of the collection.

Word art is my favorite addon to create and I also love the ease that they give adding a title to any page.  Pair that with a cute quote and you really don’t even have to journal unless you wish.  The Butterfly Kisses Word Art on Lisa’s layout comes from the Butterfly Garden Word Art AddOn and she included a sweet quote from the Butterfly Garden Quoted Pack, too.  If you’ll notice she layered additional flowers from the main kit with the word art which makes it all blend into the layout seamlessly!  

That’s it for this month’s Magic of AddOn Packs!  

Until next time!

Connie Prince

Saturday, August 1, 2020

How To Use My Alpha MultiFrames

I have created many of these frame sets in both letters and numbers that you can use for so many different things!  Here is how you use them in MyMemories Suite:

The Alpha Multiframes kit comes into several frames, already arranged into a 12 ''x 12'' page layout :

When you stack them in order, they will set as I choose to organize them. Then, you place the
« Frames » layer at the very top of all.

In MMS, you can fill each PNG with a photo or a paper : 

It is a little bit tricky to resize them and place them right in each PNG, but after some try/retry, you can manage to center, reduce and set your photo as you want.  There is a bug in My Memories Suite on Windows computers using this feature we hope to address very soon.  If you are wanting to make sure that you have it placed correctly simply preview your project using the high quality print option and it will show you exactly where your objects are.

For the conventional photo shape (square or rectangle), you can also use the layers as templates to set « Shapes » or « Photo boxes » in MM, wich both are easier to fill with photo or paper than PNG:

Or, you can use them as template to place/resize/rotate a photo (without photo box):

And also with a « Photo Box » :

Don't forget to order each of them in the right order, to obtain the better with the « Frames » Layer at the very bottom (you can hide the templates by un-clicking the view check box) :

Et voilà !

I will make Album templates with photo boxes for those who have hard time with filling PNG or placing SHAPES.


In Photoshop :

Stack them in order, with the « Frame » layer at the very bottom, and use the photo or paper as a « Cliping Mask ». 

For both solutions:
And then, finish your page as a conventional layout by adding papers and embellishments.