Thursday, April 9, 2020

Using Greeting Card Templates in MMS

Hey MyMemories Friends!
This is Mags from MagsGraphics - here to share some scrappy fun with you! Today, I’m going to show you how to use my new Greeting Card Templates to make your own Half-Fold and Quarter-Fold Cards, and print them yourself! Here is the printed card similar to what I made in this video:

For this tutorial, you will need to snag the Greeting Card Templates through the MyMemories store:

Install them into your program OR save as outside content - either method will work.

This Video Tutorial uses MyMemories Suite Software (Save $10 OFF the purchase price with this code: STMMMS90118) and the Pandemic 2020 Collection - available at MyMemories.

Open MyMemories Suite and click “Design.”

When you first open MMS, you should get a splash screen. If not, click on File → NEW, and that splash screen will appear. Choose DESIGN and then adjust the size at the bottom to 11”x8.5” for the Quarter-Fold Template or 8”x11” for the Half-Fold Card. Changing the ASPECT RATIO to “LANDSCAPE” (quarter-fold card) or “PORTRAIT” (half-fold card) should also set these perameters.

Watch this Video.

For those who prefer WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS, here are the basics.
  1. Start a new canvas. Set the size to 11”x8.5.”
  2. Set your BACKGROUND to the quarter-fold card template. We will replace this later with solid white - so don’t worry that the lines and words show up with your card items.
  3. Turn OFF the Trim Area (VIEW → TRIM AREA → UNcheck this). The template has its own buffer/trim area so we don’t need that one.
  4. Add elements to the front of your card (Lower-right-hand-corner). Add text or wordart.
  5. For the other three quadrants of this card, you need to ROTATE your items 180° so that they appear upside down to you. Don’t Worry! They will print correctly!
  6. When you are ready to print, go to FILE → PAGE SET UP → Click on SOURCE → and choose “BORDERLESS.”
  7. Print your card on 8.5”x11” paper. NOTE: Half-Fold cards work better on cardstock since they are so large. Quarter-fold cards work just fine on regular paper.
  8. You can purchase envelopes at any office store. Quarter-fold cards are sold as “INVITATION SIZE” envelopes. Half-fold cards are sold as “HALF-FOLD CARD ENVELOPES.”

Thanks for following along! I would love to see your results of this tutorial! 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Care for a game of B-I-N-G-O?

Care for a game of B-I-N-G-O?

One of the easiest games to play and to customize is BINGO. BINGO is my go to game to create for holidays and customize for birthday party themes. Kids love it and it is pretty easy for younger children to play plus it can be entertaining for adults as well! There are so many different varieties that you can create. Working on sight words? Create a BINGO card and have them locate the sight word that you say. Have a child that loves bugs? Create a customized bingo card just for them and have them search for the bugs you call out! There is no end to the possibilities! You can play for fun or if you have any little prizes laying around you can reward the winner with that. You can play for five in a row and after a few rounds go for the whole board being covered in black out.

When creating your own BINGO board you want to make sure that you have variety. The items in each box need to get mixed around and to make it extra challenging some cards may not have all of the same items as another card. You will also need to create calling cards, the group of the items that you are going to either call out or show the players what the item looks like.

The process of building your own BINGO card was just made easier for you. MagsGraphics has designed these Create Your Own BINGO Cards so you can make fully customized BINGO cards for your group. This will be the perfect activity for Easter this upcoming weekend, a boredom cure at home, learning letters and words for home school, or even a scavenger hunt BINGO that can get you up and moving around (see below for more on this). You can even use these Create Your Own BINGO Cards to create a photo BINGO like I have below. Just add photo boxes in My Memories Suite and add your photos to them!

Below you will find Scavenger Hunt BINGO Cards for both indoor and outdoor hunts. These cards are FREE until April 18th so make sure to go and grab your free cards!

Click HERE to get your FREE Indoor Scavenger Hunt BINGO

Click HERE to get your FREE Outdoor Scavenger Hunt BINGO

And finally, if you are wanting a super fast and easy way to play BINGO with your group, simply buy these print-ready BINGO games that MagsGraphics has already created for you. She has created BINGO cards for At Play, Fairy Tales, School, and Silly Germs.

I hope that you have fun playing these BINGO games and stay safe, stay home, stay healthy!

Take care,
Carly Allred
MMS Creative Services Director

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Get Inspired by April Exclusives!

All Exclusive products on sale for 50% off! 
Ends 4/9/2020 @ midnight!

Our Exclusive designers were asked the question, "what do you love about spring?" So they took their answer, got creative, and designed some truly beautiful kits this month! The kits are booming with blossoms, bustling with sweet birds, and bursting with life! We also have some vintage spring kits full of great antique elements, a rainy days kit full of beautiful blues and greens, an adorable Easter/spring kit perfect for the holiday or any spring day, kits with glowing rainbows and cute bugs and butterflies, and what group of spring collections would be complete without baby animals!

Below you will find a sample layout, a little write-up from the designer about their creation, and kit previews. Hopefully as you take a look around you will be struck with inspiration to chronicle your own journey!

ADB Designs
"A Good Walk Spoiled by ADB Designs is a delightful collection all about springtime & golf season. This collection is full of flowers and foliage, plus all the necessary golf extras, from golf cart to sunglasses. It is perfect for scrapping your golfing family members whether they indulge in traditional or miniature golf. This collection is versatile and ready to help you scrap traditional springtime photos of family and friends."
-ADB Designs

LLL Creations
"Spring is the season of beautiful new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the birds are singing. Grass grows, the sun shines brighter and the days are longer. The earth seems to come to life again. Some of the many reasons why I love Spring!"
-LLL Creations

Connie Prince
"The first sign of spring for me is when the birds begin visiting my feeders again. I love to hear them sing and watch them play in my backyard, it is truly my favorite thing about spring!"
-Connie Prince

Lisa Rosa Designs
"What I love the most about spring is the renewal of life! New leaves sprouting, new flowers blooming, old leaves left from last autumn feeding the growth of new life...animal babies being born all around, birds chirping, proud mamas and cute babies parading right in front of our opened mouths and astonished eyes! This kit with its cheerful colors is my tribute to the endless circle of life."
-Lisa Rosa Designs

FranB Designs
"I love spring and a huge reason why is because I adore butterflies and flowers, so I decided to celebrate that love in my new collection! With beautiful flowers and some inspirational word art too, you can create layouts that bloom!"
-FranB Designs

Couric Designs
"Greet the springtime with an open heart to enjoy everything new. As the flowers and plants bloom and revive, we can appreciate our life with a renewed cheerfulness and appreciation of all we have. Take time to write your own story and share it with others."
-Couric Designs

Aimee Harrison Designs
"What feels more springy than the sound of birds calling? I love birds and I take many photos of them each spring. I created this collection to celebrate that beautiful time in Spring when they begin to call. I hope you enjoy it!"
-Aimee Harrison

PattyB Scraps
"I think it will be easy for you to guess my favorite season. That's's absolutely spring! For me spring signals new life, warmth, freedom to roam, more interaction with nature, longer daylight hours, and again being able to have production from my gardens. Absolutely Love Spring by PattyB Scraps has beautiful papers and lots of lovely elements for creating your spring layout pages. The spring colors and a bit of whimsy make this digital scrapbooking product perfect for scrapping those fun photos of family and friends."
-PattyB Scraps

Marniejo's House of Scraps
"What I love about spring is that everything is waking up. I am an avid gardener, working the soil is in my blood from growing up on a farm. Time to start planning what to grow in the garden. Fresh blooming flowers bring joy to my heart. The first to open are the hyacinths, narcissus, iris and violets. Life just seems so much more lively when these beauties burst forth! You can see this in all the newborn wildlife as well. Does spring give you the sense of rejuvenation?"
-Marniejo's House of Scraps

Kristmess Designs
"What I like about spring is the flowering of our beautiful Magnolia tree in the backyard. Such beautiful flowers, but they don't last very long. With this beautiful collection, we can look at these beautiful flowers forever. This collection is great for spring pages, feminine pages and so much more!"
-Kristmess Designs

Over the Fence Designs
"Favorite Flowers by Over the Fence Designs is a collection rich with the palette of springtime flowers. With early spring start the blooming of all my favorite flowers. Lilacs and their heady perfume in April and peonies and their luscious smell in May for Diane; apple blossoms and peonies for Patty. ALL the flowers of springtime are our favorites and our homes burst with their blooms. Scrap your favorite springtime family photos and your special days and nights that come at the end of the school year. Favorite Flowers is a bountiful collection, with an abundance of floral beauty."
-Over the Fence Designs

"There's just something about the SUN peeking out from behind those gray, winter clouds that lets us know that SPRING is on the way! This fresh, spring collection was inspired by the song, "Pocketful of Sunshine" and is packed with bright elements and papers to showcase your colorful spring photos!."

Memory Mosaic
"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to come!" I love that thought, of hope and new life. I love seeing the seemingly "dead" trees from winter, bursting out with buds. The flowers pushing up through the ground, to bloom, and the sound of birds chirping and watching the baby birds hatch. This kit was inspired by all those things. The hope that new life brings."
-Memory Mosaic

Digi Deborah Designs
"What do I love about April? Well, rainbows, or course!! Since I live in Florida, April marks the beginning of the rainy season. The grass starts to really get green and the spring birds start hatching in the trees. I love the colors of the rainbow & I know you will too, with this wonderful pastel collection of rainbow scrapbooking goodies! Won't you come over the rainbow with me?!"
-Digi Deborah Designs

Shmooangel Designs
"I love the rain! I love the smell of the wet streets. I love the sound of the raindrops hitting the roof. I love the moisture in the air. I love the grayness of the sky. Rain makes everything so much greener and full of life. Whether you are a lover of the rain or not, this is the perfect kit for scrapping all those rainy day photos."
-Shmooangel Designs

Polka Dot Chicks
"I love spring because I can open up the windows and sliding doors and let the nice breeze flow through the house, flowers and trees start coming to life and grass is green and sun is shining and everything feels fresh and renewed.

I decided to do this kit in soft pastels and with a painterly look, there are bunnies, butterflies, tons of flowers and leaves in painted and vellum and cute wordbits. Plus a cool painted alpha."
-Polka Dot Chicks

Tami Miller Designs
"Spring is here! If you love vintage kits and you love spring you'll love this collection! It is full of gems, flowers, and vintage bit and pieces as well as traditional embellishments and papers."
-Tami Miller Designs

Kathryn Estry
"Love is in the air with Spring Fling! This pastel collection of hearts, sweet bunnies, and chicks is great for spring dances, spring love, and anything springy!"
-Kathryn Estry

Songbird Scraps Designs
"Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I was born in the spring and this kit is my take on a Vintage Spring. The color palette reminds me of some of my baby pictures and the way it was when I was born. I hope you enjoy!"
-Songbird Scraps Designs