Sunday, August 25, 2019

Documenting Your Life with ADB Designs 

I love the stories of the fur traders and the amazing explorers of the early American wilderness. I have visited Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, a very old fur trade center, and spent a lot of time immersed in the history of the fur trade. If you like this period of American history and have visited the National Parks of the west, the Fur Trade Frontier Collection is perfect for you.

What period of American History is your favorite? Why? When researching your family history what ancestors were part of the westward expansion? What National Parks in the western US have you visited? What places are on your "bucket list?

I have a special Page Starter Gift for you - a beautiful Stacker created from the Fur Trade Frontier collection by my Creative Team member, Lana. Just click on the preview to go to my store and add it to your cart. 

Here are previews of the collection and some layouts from my Creative Team for inspiration.

Happy scrapping!
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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Designer Tip from NS Designs

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to name this tip “Do it Again”

I’m talking about any cluster type you want to create from clusters, decorative frames, borders etc. I had a very difficult time creating all of these. I would look at a kit and see all the elements I had-look at other designers I admired and their kits and say I have string, flowers, tags…”why can’t I do that?” And “How can I create different clusters for each and every kit I create?”

Simple answer is you don’t have to create a different cluster for each kit. I started creating clusters by copying other clusters. Find one you like-find a freebie someone is offering-check out my blog for one. Or find one in a kit you purchased and place it on a blank 12x12 page. Then take a kit you like and add the items from that kit on top of the cluster using it as a template, resize each item as you go. Don’t forget to shadow your elements for added realism.

Here are a few of my products you can use as a guide. 

Now do it again-yes, re-create the cluster with another kit. I’ve discovered by doing this that because each kit is different, you will get a different cluster. Each and every frame, cluster, border does not have to be unique because the kit themselves are what will change the clusters.

All of these kits are different in look and feel-each has similar items but all have different colors and elements. Using these kits I’ve created the same cluster-Do it Again. Once I’ve done this a number of times with different clusters, frames, borders I found I started to make my own changes-creating my own clusters. Think of any cluster item you purchase as a template-one you can copy over and over again. That’s what makes templates so popular-their versatility. So let a pre-made cluster, border or frame be your next template-and use it over and over again. After a while you’ll find you will be creating your own items-it just takes a bit of practice.

Hope you enjoy these freebies and find creating your own clusters a little easier in the future.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Meet Featured Designer Patty from PattyB Scraps!
Hi! I am Patty of PattyB Scraps.
I am retired from being a payroll specialist. My husband Terry and I live near Blair, Nebraska,
on a couple of acres. I enjoy gardening, both flower and vegetables. I love cooking, canning,
baking bread, and, most of all - eating, LOL!
If I am not designing or cooking something... I'm in the garden.

And if I'm in the garden, chances are that my cat, Erin, is watching me from nearby.
During the winter months I enjoy knitting, crochet and quilting by the wood stove.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Designer Tip from ADB Designs


Hi everyone!

This Saturday I am going to talk about clustering and some tips to help you up your game as you create them on your pages.

First of all, not everyone likes the same thing.That is the wonderful thing about scrapbooking. It is a personal as can be and no one gets to judge what you like! We are all unique and it makes our pages so special because we are.

There are some techniques to help you improve your clustering:
1. base your cluster on a shape
the basic outline of the shape should be roughly followed; you do not have to be precise!
shapes like: a triangle, diamond, crescent, double diamond, hollow circle, etc.
2. be sure to add shadows to the pieces to provide depth
no need to make them too deep, a light touch is best in the beginning
3. use a variety of elements from your stash. Use ribbons, bow, buttons, scatters, plenty of foliage and flowers.
4. Repeat your use of some elements and change their orientation and size to vary their look.
5. Select a focal point for the cluster and make sure the elements chosen enhance the focal point.
6. odd numbers are most pleasing to the eye...for example: odd numbers of yellow flowers, or odd numbers of foliage choices.

Here is a sample cluster from my exclusive collection this month: A BLESSING OF BIRDSONG COLLECTION as a gift for you. Just click on the preview to go to my store and add it to your cart.


You will notice the shape of the cluster Pia used is appx. a 1/4 moon. She used the foliage and ribbon to help create the shape. She used three flowers (an odd number) and the rose in the center on top is her focal point.

Here is a link to the collection and a preview of the Bundle product and some layouts from my Creative Team for inspiration.

Happy scrapping,
ADB Designs