Friday, November 5, 2021

Give Thanks in November Day #5


We are continuing our gratitude journey and today, day #5, we are going to focus on the wonderful world around us and our ability to experience it through TRAVEL!

When you travel it affects you in so many different ways that I think some people really don't take a moment to really think about it.  When traveling we get to experience wonderful foods, new cultures, awe-inspiring views, different points of view, and so many other things!  While it is always wonderful to be home, when we travel we get to experience things that we may not be able to when staying at home.  I am also personally grateful for the different view points I am introduced to when traveling and meeting new people.  Traveling really opens up your connection to humanity.

Another awesome thing about traveling is the many different modes of transportation you can use to get from Point A to Point B!  Soar in a jet, roll along in a car, cut through the water on a cruise, pedal your way through the countryside on a bicycle, or ride the rails on a train.

This summer our family went on a cross country RV trip which was really exciting considering my husband and I had NEVER driven an RV before!  We experienced so many things that I am so grateful for and met some of the most wonderful people!  There were too many pictures to choose from, especially considering we could easily take up a 100 page photobook of our adventures!  There were wonderful moments, stressful moments (try realizing that you are not in the RV parking lot at Niagara Falls just as you entered it with a line of cars behind you), frustrating moments (speaking of grateful, you realize how grateful you are for a flushing toilet once your toilet no longer flushes!), and memories we will never forget!  To highlight our more casual memories I used quick pages from the RV Road Trip Collection by Sugar Moon Designs.

Here are some other travel oriented kits that are just right for those wanderlust memories!

Be sure to follow us and check in tomorrow for #6!

Have a great day!
Love, Carly

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