Thursday, December 31, 2020


Hello folks and welcome to the first installment of my new blog series "QueenBrat's Journal:  Confessions of a Scrapping Junkie".  Yes, I am a scrapping junkie!  I see in layouts.  I dream of scrap kits.  I see palettes in everyday

The topics of this blog series could range from just about anything that inspires my scrapping from a great layout that I see to a fabulous kit that I want to use to a picture that is in need of being the subject of a scrap page.  I hope you enjoy this series!

So my first confession is about my favorite type of scrap page layout and why I like this one so much.  Looking back through all of the single scrap pages that I have made over the years I have by far scrapped 'white space' pages the most.

There are several reasons that I like them:

1. By grouping the elements of your page together, you can draw attention to the most important things on the page.  For me that is  usually the picture that I am scrapping.

2.  It's simple and clean without being boring.

3. It allows a photo to take the focal point when you don't want or need journaling to do that job.

4.  It's not time consuming when you only have a short time to do some scrapping.

So, with little time left to pull this blog post together and looking at old pictures of my granddaughter, Remi Jade, I thought this would be the perfect time to get a few of this pictures scrapped.

I have included for you a 'white space' template for you if you should need it.

Okay, so just a few rules for a 'white space' layout before you get started.

1.  White space is also known as negative space, and is that part of a layout that isn’t filled with elements. 

2.  It doesn’t need to be white, just empty.  You can make your background whatever color suits your needs.

Keep in mind that white space is an effective design element because it allows the eyes to rest. It also helps to emphasize the elements that are there, thus pulling the viewer in.

This first one is a layout I pulled together and I apologize I don't have a kit to offer you to make it yourselves.  I matched the different elements to the teal in her clothes and the ornaments in the picture.  I will put a pretty teal and glitter kit on my 'to do' kit for next year ;)

My second example was made using my new 'A Farmhouse Christmas' kit.  You can find it exclusively at My Memories in my store.

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry.

Until next time...

Stay safe!

Stay healthy!

And above all have fun scrapping!


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AB Rocks said...

Great explanation of 'white space' and lovely examples.
TY for providing this.