Sunday, January 3, 2021

Documenting Your Life with ADB Designs


There is an assumption that "heritage kits" need to be vintage-y in order to be "proper" heritage kits. I am here to tell you, they do not.  You can use almost any kit/collection for a heritage page  You do need to use a kit that compliments your photos and your journaling, but really ... that is all.

My heritage on my mother's side is Scandinavian.   We are primarily Swedes but there are some Finns, Laplanders, Danes and Norwegians as well.  When I created my new Scandinavian Winter collection I knew I could use it for my heritage pages but many other scrappers, with no Scandinavian heritage, could use it to scrap their contemporary winter photos of family and friends. 

Q115 - Prompts
Create a page about your heritage using a kit/collection in your stash that was not created for that purpose.
Use one of my gifts (from my series here or from my forum challenges) to create a page about YOU.

HERE is a gift for you created from the Scandinavian Winter Collection. 

Here is a look at the Scandinavian Winter Collection and layouts from my Creative Team. Just a note, some of my team are Scandinavian's too, and one lives in Lapland/Finland.  Some of the CT pages are contemporary winter layouts and some are heritage pages. ENJOY!

Wishing you a wonderful 2021 with much better days than 2020.
Happy Scrapping!

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DiamondsAndRust said...

This is a beautiful kit! I would use it for card making too! So lovely. My husband is Swedish/German but we never do anything culturally relevant, lol!