Thursday, October 29, 2020

Scrap Inspiration by Happy Scrap Arts


Hi, my name is Eileen aka Happy Scrap Arts.

I am back this with a blog series full of inspiration to scrap your photos. 

This time I have a question for you.

Do you get inspired by a scrapbook kit or a photo? 

What inspires you to make a scrapbook page? 

Do you have a photo that you really want to scrap, embellish and then you go and search for the perfect kit to use with that photo? 

Or do you have a scrap kit that you really want to use and then you go searching for the perfect photo to use with that kit?

I am curious to know, do you start with a photo or with a kit/collection? 

Both work for me; if I just finished a new scrap collection then I want to use it and I go searching for the perfect photo to use with the collection. 

What makes a photo perfect for a kit?

Well to me a photo can be just perfect for a kit when it matches the theme of the collection, or also when it has just the right colors to match the kit. (if you want to change the colors of your photo to match a kit, look at my designer tip here.)

Examples made with my newest collection Autumn Stroll

And sometimes a kit can even be used without a photo.

When I made the kit Artsy Bits 2 for Halloween, I had to find the perfect photo to use with this kit. I didn’t have many Halloween photos, so I used a photo of a black bird.

Another one made with Artsy Bits 8

On the other hand, I often go searching for a perfect kit/collection to scrap a photo. 

When I have a beautiful photo I just want to scrap, or when I'm making my photo books, I start with the photo(s) and then I go searching a kit to use to embellish my page. Like I did here, with the beautiful photos my son made in New Zealand.

Examples made with kit Artsy Bits 7

Sometimes it's not that easy to find the right kit, when the photo illustrates an event like a birthday, Christmas etc., it's not very hard, as I can search for a birthday kit, or Christmas kit and take the one with the right colors. 

But when you have a photo with a person or a nature photo it might be more difficult to find the right kit. When that happens to me, I mostly look to the colors in the photo and choose a kit that matches the colors. 

Example made with Cozy Autumn

I also design a new kit just to match my photos. That might be a theme, or just colors that matches my photos. Like the kit, It’s Your Birthday, I made it to make invitations for my 50th birthday party.

And the Travel to London Collection I made after our journey to London. I used it in my photobook of course.

So, you can say that my photos do inspire me to make my collections too as lots off elements in my kits are extractions from photos I have taken in my garden, in parks etc. I build the kit around those elements.

So, there is no best way to scrap, it is just what inspires you. What do you think? How do you choose? 

Come and tell me in Happy's Room here.

I have started a topic to chat about this and to show your pages. 

If you want tips, or if you have questions, just come and ask. I'll be happy to help and other scrappers can help too.

Looking forward to seeing you there and to chatting with you. 

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