Monday, October 12, 2020

Featured Designer: Lisa Rosa Designs


Hey, everyone! My name is Lisa and I'm the designer behind Lisa Rosa Designs. I'm honored to be today's Featured Designer at My Memories and happy for having this opportunity of telling you all a little bit about myself and my work.
I’m Brazilian, in my forties, mother of two young ladies, and owned by an old, grumpy, but loving cat who kindly lets me believe I own her.

I’m a multi passionate creative soul and digital scrapbooking has been my main interest for many years already. I first stepped into the amazing world of memory keeping when my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. I was in a really bad place emotionally and scrapping family memories was an escape that helped me not only through that but also through many other events which came after. 

Scrapbooking taught me to appreciate the good moments and learn from the bad ones. I have scrapped both the good and the bad times, the happy and the sad tears, the storms and rainbows, and while doing so I had the chance of looking at myself and at my history as an spectator and therefore from a different point of view, which allowed me to learn a lot about myself, my values, my dreams...
During these first years I was even in a few CTs, creating layouts for some great designers, some of them already retired.

In 2009, I was given the chance of taking graphic and web design classes for work and a sparkle got lit inside me. A few months later, I dared designing my first kit and haven't stopped since... it was a hobby for a while and it became my business in 2013 when I opened my first shop. It was also in 2013, in October, that I joined the My Memories family.

Fortunately, I improved a lot during all these years, hahaha. I took a look at my past work when I was getting ready to write this post and I got surprised myself with the changes. It took me a while to find my style and to go from this...

... to this.

Yeah, it took hours and hours of study too. After those first designing classes that lit the sparkle, I also took many others and never stopped endeavoring to get better and better at doing what I love.

Now that you know a little bit about me and how I got here, how about getting to know a little bit about my work too?  I love working with vibrant colors and most of my kits have a bright palette. One color you're going to see in most of my kits - if not all of them - is green, which is my favorite color. I love flowers and foliage and I dedicate a lot of time to them when creating a kit. I'm a big fan of bold shadows and depth, light and contrast. You can see that on my previews. BTW, making a preview usually takes me one quarter of the whole time I take to get a kit ready for sale.

I mostly start a kit with the papers. I think of the patterns and design many of them myself, which makes the papers you're buying with my kits quite unique. Then I usually move on to the elements and finally to add ons such as word arts, alphas and so on.

Make a visit to my shop and take a look around. Everything is 35% off today and tomorrow and I also have many free samples there. Enjoy this great discount now because everything will be back to regular price on Oct. 15th, and many freebies will be gone too, making place for new ones.

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