Thursday, July 30, 2020

Documenting Your Life Series with ADB Designs

In 1803 the United States was a new country with radical new ideas that were transforming the rest of the world as well as its new citizens.  The new nation, however, was only a small portion of the North American land mass and its population was starting to swell.  There was a strong desire for new land to cultivate.  Federalists and Republicans were at odds about fundamental governing issues as well as about the appropriateness of purchasing new land.  Napoleon offered the new United States the land called Louisiana, in return for 50 million francs (15 million US); President Thomas Jefferson and then secretary of state James Madison, were able to convince congress to ratify the deal and westward expansion began in earnest.  My newest Heritage Collection: A New Nation Expands is about this time period.

The "frontiersmen" of this period of time are well known: Daniel Boone, James Bowie, James Bridger, David Crockett, Andrew Henry..., however, you did not have to have a famous frontiersman in your family to have great stories to research.  Create a layout celebrating one or more of your ancestors who created or followed a path to the west.  Create a layout about what your ancestors would have experienced at this time period.  Read about the stories of the pioneers who took on the unknown to improve their lives.

To help get you started, here is a gift page starter from Dana, a very talented layout artist on my Creative Team who uses MyMemories Suite V9 to create her pages.  Just click on the preview to go to my store and put it in your cart.

It is always useful to use other's layouts to inspire you.  Here are the previews to my collection and the layouts from my Creative Team.











Looking forward to seeing your layouts.  You can share with me in the forum "Documenting Your Life" thread.

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