Thursday, October 24, 2019

Something Different with Sugar Moon Designs

Hi! I'm Crystal from Sugar Moon Designs and I'm excited to share some fun scrapbooking ideas with you! I love scrapbooking, and I think one of my favorite parts is that everyone can make pages the way that makes them happy and everyone's pages will look different but they're all beautiful! I also love that by making scrapbooks you are honoring your stories and the stories of the people around you. I know everyone has a story to tell and I just love being able to help people tell them!

I also know that sometimes we all hit ruts and we might lose our inspiration, we might get bored with doing the things the same way we always do it, or maybe we just have a special story that we would like to tell in a new and special way. Hopefully, my blog series will give you some inspiration for scrapping your memories with a bit of a different viewpoint!

Today I thought I would talk to you about creating layouts using repetition of photos. I like to do this from time to time. I think it can add drama or action to a layout, depending on how it's done it can also create a focus on the subject of the photo.

Here are a few examples of how I've used the same photo multiple times on one layout:

This is a pretty easy way to repeat a photo - use it once as a soft, faded background that sort of echos the photo and adds some emphasis to it.
Here's another way to use the same photo - this time I put one on that showed the entire scene of the photo and then cropped and zoomed in to focus on one area of the photo that I wanted to highlight. In this case her happy smile and tipping of the hat.
With this layout, I did the cropping and zooming for effect, but I decided to separate each girl's face to just add some interest, at the bottom you can see the whole photo as one again.
Here's one where just for fun I used a different filter on one photo and then put them together. The photo itself is sort of ridiculous, I just played around with it for fun. You can do that - do things for no reason! I give you permission!
This one was actually one photo but divided into lots of shapes. This is a fun idea that would work for lots of different type layouts and photos!
This one was a little more tricky, but the effect is so cool. I took the photo and made several copies and then just cropped each area into a separate image. Then I sort of played around with them and layered them until I got an effect that I liked.

I'm sorry that some of these layouts are several years old and I did not keep a record of what kits I used to create them. If you have some special photos that you'd like to try these techniques out on, never fear! I have lots of great kits in the Sugar Moon Designs' store that would look wonderful with your photos! It's also the perfect time to shop because I have a great sale going right now!

Thanks for listening to me today! I hope you got some ideas for some layouts of your own! If you ever have questions or need help with something I'm glad to do my best to help you out!


GramZ said...

Love what you did Crystal. Good suggestions for when you only have one photo and want to do something more with it than just a plain photo! Marilyn

Crystal said...

Thanks Marilyn! 💛