Sunday, June 2, 2019

How to Position your Computer Monitor for the Best Ergonomics

How many hours per day, or week, do you spend sitting at your computer desk working on scrapbook pages or albums? Sometimes I don’t even want to know the answer to that. Let’s just say “a lot.”

It’s easy to get involved in the creative process and forget to stretch, get up and walk around, or simply give our eyes a quick break. But one thing you can do to help make things easier for you, is correctly position your monitor. This you only need do once. Position it correctly and then forget it.

Here are 4 tips on how to position your computer monitor economically:

1. Place the monitor away from or at a right angle to windows or bright lights.
Reflected glare on your monitor can cause eye strain. Or it can cause you to move around in your chair to avoid the glare, perhaps putting you in an awkward position, which could strain your muscles.

2. Place your monitor directly in front of you. 
If you work with multiple screens, have a swivel chair that will allow you to turn your body to look at the additional screens rather than having to turn your head, which could cause neck sprain. (I learned this one the hard way!

3. Position the height of your monitor correctly. 
When looking straight ahead, your eyes should be in line with your screen approximately 2-3” below the top of the monitor casing. If the monitor is any lower or higher, you will raise or lower your head to accommodate the best viewing. When you lower your head, you can cause neck and back aches. If you raise your eyes, you can contribute to dry eye syndrome.

4. Position the distance of your monitor away from you correctly. 
To do this, sit back in your chair and extend your arm horizontally. Your middle finger should almost touch the center of the screen. When positioned like this, you are able to see more of your screen. Try it. Sit really close to your screen, and then back away.

We have enough challenges when digital scrapbooking, such as choosing the right photos, the right kit to work with, the right font, the right words to journal with. Set yourself up for success by making yourself comfortable!


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Thank you for the tips and I LOVE the cat at the computer LOL.

DeLoris Musick said...

Helpful hints for sure. I only have 1 monitor thank goodness! Love the animation!

Sue Ogden said...

I love the cat & laptop too. When I had my 2 Siamese, one cared NOTHING for the computer, the other was a total pest constantly patting at things on the screen. Her fave was the Windows Halloween house where things popped out! She LUVED that one. A note for those who wear glasses: I was a medical transcriptionist for many years working 8-10 hrs daily staring at a computer screen. My doc & I developed "computer" glasses for me. I still use them with 3 updates on the prescription. They are NOT closeup vision nor distance vision but, like Karen said, this Rx is for vision about 2" beyond the tips of my fingers where my monitor sits. For DeLoris: if you get to try 2 monitors, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!!!