Saturday, June 1, 2019

Designer Tip from FranB Designs

Hello! Fran here from FranB Designs with a Designer Tip for you.

Many of us have different reasons for scrapbooking. Some of us document memories, some like to do something artsy/crafty and many of us fall somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum. To me, documenting my family is most important... but it has to look cute! When I'm old and cannot remember the cute things my son said when he was little, or when my future grandkids want to see their father as a young boy, it will be wonderful to see these moments that pass by so quickly, documented forever.

So... my tip for you today is to journal. Document the stories of your lives. Good times and bad times. Make sure to date your page and include a location of where you are.

Also - PRINT! Print your creations for your family and friends to see. Mr Google, who lives inside your computer, doesn't need to be the only one that gets to see your memories!

Here are some pages of inspiration from myself and my creative team using kits from my shop that include the story.

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