Thursday, May 30, 2019

20x30 Poster Collage Template with MagsGraphics


Hey Scrappy Friends!  
This is Maggie of MagsGraphics. Today I’m going to show off my new 20"x30" POSTER Collage 
template and how to use it in MyMemories Suite Software.

I created this when I needed to make a Poster for Varsity Baseball Senior Night for my son. Once
you’ve created the poster, export it as a .JPG, and have it printed at any online store that prints “large  
format prints.” Once my poster arrived, I found an inexpensive poster frame at Walmart (<$18.00),  
and I was ready to show it off! Here is my finished project:

And here’s a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to use it:


If you don’t have MyMemories Suite software yet, you can snag a trial HERE.
Or you can use this COUPON CODE STMMMS90118 to save $10 off the purchase price of $39.99!

Products referenced in this video:

Here are some posters made by my Creative Team: 

 What can YOU make with this?
Come show off your work in the MagsGraphics Gallery Showcase Group on Facebook! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Meet Featured Designer Crystal from Sugar Moon Designs!

Hi! It's Crystal from Sugar Moon Designs! I'm so excited about being the Featured Designer! I have a few things to tell you about! First, I always try to create beautiful and useful kits that I would love to use myself! I have a Facebook page and a Friends and Fans group, Sugar Moon Designs Sweeties Group, that I would love for you to join! If you ever have any special requests or questions about kits, please feel free to message me and I would be delighted to hear from you!

If you join my Sugar Moon Designs Sweeties Group over at Facebook,  I have a special gift there for you...and I occasionally try to post other gifts for you there as well!

Stop by my shop for the next couple of days and pick up something for's a great time to do this because everything is 35% off!!

Where I live it's been raining and flooding for months it seems!! I'm hoping to see some sunshine SOMETIME this spring/summer. One of the saddest things is that my spring flowers, my peonies have just been beaten down by all the heavy rain, and even some hail. I told my husband it's sad because you wait all year for these to bloom and then to have them pounded is just so disappointing. Luckily I took some pictures when they first bloomed! I bet in the other hemisphere you're finally enjoying some cooler temps after the hot summer? Whatever the season, I've got some great kits for you to scrap your memories and your dreams with! Stop by and take a look for yourself!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Scrapbooking Tips by Silke - Layout Focus

Did you see Diane's post yesterday? If you want to create eye catching layouts, you need to use this Rule of Thirds. All my layouts I check with this rule. You can break it, and or use different rules, but always check if your layout looks great! Make it small in the preview, and look from a distance to see if it has any visual impact.

1. The Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds creates a simple guide for placing your focal points.
Simply place your focal point of your layouts in one of the intersections of the horizontal and vertical lines.
To lead your viewer to your secondary focus choose another intersection.

1- Start a layout

first of all, choose your focal element and to place it in the intersection. This will lead the viewers eye to your primary focal point.I put the head of the boy in one of the 4 intersections. That will be my primary focal point!
To lead your viewer to a secondary focus, choose another intersection.
Flower clusters can also be considered to place on these points!

2- As my secondary focus I choose the bird with the flower cluster. The word art and the tag are on the other two focal points! Ready!

Visit my shop for this free Quick Page! - valid only until June 2nd!

Papers and elements used in this layout are from my EXCLUSIVE kit at MyMemories TROPICAL PARADISE

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Designer Tip from ADB Designs

We are all trying to improve our craft and to learn new techniques and skills. Often we need to simply be reintroduced to a concept to have an "ah-ha" moment. The "Rule of Threes" is such a basic concept that we often don't realize we are implementing it. Basically, the rule means that the beholders eye finds it more pleasant to look at "things" when they are arranged in groups of three (or 5 or 7 ... odd numbers).

Applied to scrapbooking, it means your layout will be more appealing if you apply the Rule of Threes. 

Example #1: visually break the canvas space of your layout into three zones, as Maureen does in this layout. One third of the vertical space on the right and two thirds of it on the left. This is a fairly straight forward way of applying the rule.

Example #2: here Pia uses three photos/ephemera in a grouping, It is very pleasing to look at. AND when you add in the two clusters, she is still using an odd number.

Example #3: Renee's layout uses three photos in a grouping and she uses the "white space" of the layout as well. One third of the canvas is white space and two thirds is adorned with clusters and photos. The result is pleasing to the eye.

All of these layouts were created with my newest collection: Provence Lavender, just released and on sale in my store.

I hope you enjoyed this exposure to the "Rule of Thirds". Tomorrow, designer friend Silke will provide you with a freebie and more thoughts about this very important design tip. We both agree
it is one of the most important aspects of good design.

Happy Scrapping,

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Inspired by Colors with Marie H Designs

Hi ! I am Marie from Marie H Designs and I am here with a new “Inspired by Colors”
blog post.

In this blog I want to talk to you about special kits that, instead of having multiple
colors, have usually one color in different shades: the monochrome kits.

The Monochrome kit contains one color from light to dark and it most cases you will
have neutrals like black and white. You can also find some variant with a Blue kit that
would have 2-3 different blue (baby, royal and navy) with the sades and neutral.

These monochrome kits are so useful when you want to either showcase an emotion 
(see my previous post HERE) or to make the photo stand out.

 I have created a small series of monochromatic kits that spotlight one color and that
makes the layouts stand out. In all these kits you will find one dominant color with
different shades of it, black and white. Each of these can help you to bring the color of 
something in your photo or on the opposite do a contrast and show an emotion.

As you can see in this layout. I used Overjoyed Orange as it was matching the suit my
daughter was wearing.

In this one, Lou has created a color layout with Youthful Yellow that matches the
flowers in the photo and made it very cheerful.

I have created Gracefuly Grey because I had a hard time finding kits for specific photos
that had way to many colors in it. I used it for this sweet layout of 2 of my daughters
and as it had many colors I wanted to tone it down a bit and get the attention on the

If you want to request a specific color for a monochrome kit I would like to hear from 
you. I want to continue to create some and would like some ideas.

I want to see your layouts and you are welcome to join me in my monthly challenge in
the My Memories Forum HERE.   

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Meet Featured Designer Renee' from QueenBrat Designs!


Hi! I’m Renee’ aka QueenBrat Digital Designs and I’m delighted to be your featured designer this week. To celebrate I have marked my store 50% off today and tomorrow.  Hurry over and grab the items that you’ve been wanting before its too late!
Also, for a special treat just for those reading this post I have a special coupon you can use. The coupon will give you $5 off any purchase of $15 or more from my store.
Please remember this coupon will only work with my products so if you wish to purchase from another designer you will need to make a separate purchase.
Code:  QBRKFeatured5
 I’ve been designing since 2002 and I’ve been with MyMemories since 2012. I love designing scrap kits and spend a lot of time on my computer each day making new things. I get a lot of my inspiration from my family for the kits that I make. They also serve to be my biggest critics and tell me when something really stinks before I release it.
 I have one daughter, ReAnna, two living sons, Zachary and Dylan, a deceased son, Freddy, one daughter-in-law, Tesla (Dylan’s wife), and two grandchildren, Riley and Remington. I also have many furbabies: two cats, Vader and Negan, and three dogs, Dixon, Maggie, and Zoey.
Although I spend most of my free time designing, I do break away for other hobbies and activities. I love to crochet and read. I am totally hooked on end of the world/disaster movies. And I haven’t missed an episode of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Law & Order, or the Pretty Little Liars series. I also have full custody of my granddaughter so with the spring and summer months upon us there will be lots of outdoor playtime and swimming in the pool.

I’ve added many new items to my store in the past few weeks with more coming soon. These include some new quick pages, frame packs, overlays, paper packs, commercial use products, and new and re-done scrap kits.
Here’s a glimpse at a few, but there are many more in the store.

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