Thursday, May 23, 2019

Inspired by Colors with Marie H Designs

Hi ! I am Marie from Marie H Designs and I am here with a new “Inspired by Colors”
blog post.

In this blog I want to talk to you about special kits that, instead of having multiple
colors, have usually one color in different shades: the monochrome kits.

The Monochrome kit contains one color from light to dark and it most cases you will
have neutrals like black and white. You can also find some variant with a Blue kit that
would have 2-3 different blue (baby, royal and navy) with the sades and neutral.

These monochrome kits are so useful when you want to either showcase an emotion 
(see my previous post HERE) or to make the photo stand out.

 I have created a small series of monochromatic kits that spotlight one color and that
makes the layouts stand out. In all these kits you will find one dominant color with
different shades of it, black and white. Each of these can help you to bring the color of 
something in your photo or on the opposite do a contrast and show an emotion.

As you can see in this layout. I used Overjoyed Orange as it was matching the suit my
daughter was wearing.

In this one, Lou has created a color layout with Youthful Yellow that matches the
flowers in the photo and made it very cheerful.

I have created Gracefuly Grey because I had a hard time finding kits for specific photos
that had way to many colors in it. I used it for this sweet layout of 2 of my daughters
and as it had many colors I wanted to tone it down a bit and get the attention on the

If you want to request a specific color for a monochrome kit I would like to hear from 
you. I want to continue to create some and would like some ideas.

I want to see your layouts and you are welcome to join me in my monthly challenge in
the My Memories Forum HERE.   

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