Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Meet Featured Designer Renee' from QueenBrat Designs!


Hi! I’m Renee’ aka QueenBrat Digital Designs and I’m delighted to be your featured designer this week. To celebrate I have marked my store 50% off today and tomorrow.  Hurry over and grab the items that you’ve been wanting before its too late!
Also, for a special treat just for those reading this post I have a special coupon you can use. The coupon will give you $5 off any purchase of $15 or more from my store.
Please remember this coupon will only work with my products so if you wish to purchase from another designer you will need to make a separate purchase.
Code:  QBRKFeatured5
 I’ve been designing since 2002 and I’ve been with MyMemories since 2012. I love designing scrap kits and spend a lot of time on my computer each day making new things. I get a lot of my inspiration from my family for the kits that I make. They also serve to be my biggest critics and tell me when something really stinks before I release it.
 I have one daughter, ReAnna, two living sons, Zachary and Dylan, a deceased son, Freddy, one daughter-in-law, Tesla (Dylan’s wife), and two grandchildren, Riley and Remington. I also have many furbabies: two cats, Vader and Negan, and three dogs, Dixon, Maggie, and Zoey.
Although I spend most of my free time designing, I do break away for other hobbies and activities. I love to crochet and read. I am totally hooked on end of the world/disaster movies. And I haven’t missed an episode of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Law & Order, or the Pretty Little Liars series. I also have full custody of my granddaughter so with the spring and summer months upon us there will be lots of outdoor playtime and swimming in the pool.

I’ve added many new items to my store in the past few weeks with more coming soon. These include some new quick pages, frame packs, overlays, paper packs, commercial use products, and new and re-done scrap kits.
Here’s a glimpse at a few, but there are many more in the store.
https://www.mymemories.com/store/display_product_page?id=QBRK-PP-1904-160404 https://www.mymemories.com/store/display_product_page?id=QBRK-BP-1904-160423

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Kathryn said...

Hi, Renee. It's nice to get to know more about you and your family! Your designs are lovely, and congratulations for being the Featured Designer!