Thursday, May 9, 2019

Documenting Your Life with ADB Designs


When we start to research our ancestors, we get the opportunity to validate family stories, or more likely - discover the roots of the family lore! One such tale in our family involved the father heading to California as one the 49ers, and the belief that he died in "Indian Country" during the journey. The trail he took was the Santa Fe Trail, opened to facilitate trade with the newly created Mexico and the Native Americans of what is now the southwest United States. My newest Heritage collection is Santa Fe Trail in honor of this story and for Heritage scrappers who have ties in their families to this period and place in American history.

Here is a link that tells more about the trail, from the National Park Service:
Here is a link from the Santa Fe Trail Organization:

If you have Southwestern Native American heritage you will find information at the Library of Congress worthy of review, especially the Edward S. Curtis Photograph Collection:

Q95 (prompt)
What stories about your ancestors have you heard told by family members?  What stories about YOUR LIFE do you want remembered? (No better way than doing the pages for that story right now!) Tell the story of how you began your journey of historical discovery. Tell the details of everyday life in a period of YOUR life. 

Here is a Page Starter Gift for you to help you scrap YOUR family history: (just click on the preview to go to my store)


The Santa Fe Trail collection, in a palette of southwestern hues, is complete with the requisite flowers, foliage and frames PLUS many embellishments to complete heritage pages: antique Conestoga wagon, storage barrel, revolver, chest, horse, pottery of native Americans of the region, wagon wheel, vintage shoes, food stuffs of the region and lots lots more.

Here are previews of the collection and layouts from my Creative Team to provide some inspiration:

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