Saturday, May 11, 2019

Designer Tip from Happy Scrap Arts

Add a text to a mask in My Memories Suite by Happy Scrap Arts

For this tip I made you can get a mask for free in my store here.

With this mask you can also participate in the mask challenge I host on the forum here.
But you can use any mask you have or made.

Open you mask in My Memories Suite (masks can be used in MMS version 7 or newer).
(Click on the embellishment control panel and add and then browse to the mask)

Decide which way you want to use the mask. 
You can use this mask in many ways, and add the title on the 4 sides. You can also rotate the
mask if you prefer a portrait mask instead of landscape. I choose to put my text on the top of  
 the mask. 

Activate the text tool. Choose the letter type and size (I used Arial Black and size 68)
Write your title in black and place it where you want on the mask. Place the text where you  

Make sure to have a transparent background so you can to export the mask as .png. (This way
you can also use it again later on other pages or albums.)
To export the mask click on share and on export, choose png and the place where you want to  
save it. 

Now you will have 1 png file with the mask and the text on it. 

You can close the page you had before and go to a new page.

On this page you can choose the background you want and then open the new mask on it.  
Now you can use the mask on a photo or on any image, like a background. (You can read  
more about that in my blogpost here) 
How to use the mask in MMS 
1. Add the mask to your page.
2. With the mask selected, click on the photo icon in the embellishment control panel, under  
the embellishments control panel. 

3. Browse to the photo on your computer, and click ok.

4. The photo or image you choose will fill the mask image on the page.

5. You can add a shadow to your mask if you want to.

Now you can add more embellishments to finish your page. 

So if you managed to change the mask and add text to it, you can post your page in the mask  
challenge I host on the forum here. 

Some more examples made with the free mask and text I added.


I also have some masks with text in store, you can see them here.

I also made a new set of page filling masks. You can easily add texts to these masks, or use 
them as they are. They will embellish all your photos. Masks vol. 10 will be on sale until May  

Made with Green and masks vol 10 

Made with a frame from Artsy Bits 7 and masksvol 10 

Made with masks vol 10

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