Wednesday, July 26, 2017

MyMemories Wednesday Challenge hosted by Memory Mosaic!

My Week in Pictures

Often we take the time to scrap all the important events, the holidays, the birthdays, the weddings.  But, so much of our life is made up of just the everyday, the mundane.  It is in these simple moments that memories are made and traditions are started.

The challenge this week, is to make a layout that shows your week in pictures. Almost all of us have a phone that can take photos.  We are snapping photos all the time, of our lunch, of our kids, of the cute puppy, and the pretty flowers.  So take those moments and scrap them to tell the story of your week.  

I made a layout to help you get started.  My layout is made using my "Pocket Pages 1".  You can find it in my store HERE 

I also made a set of "Days of the Week Stickers" which you can grab as my gift to you.  

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I used a photo for everyday, and then chose to write out a brief note about something that happened that day on one card.  If you don't have photos for everyday, you could just journal about what happened that day.  

My journaling text reads:  

"Sunday morning, I enjoyed a few minutes of quiet time on the porch.  this is my favorite spot for early morning coffee & devotions.

Monday, Tony left early for KS. to visit his Mom.  The kids & I enjoyed a fun day at home, just enjoying the lake.  Matt enjoyed fishing most of the day. Teddy & Carla enjoyed swimming.

Tuesday, we went to the Orchard with Grandma and Grandpa.  That afternoon Teddy found a HUGE mushroom growing in our back yard!

Wednesday, we enjoyed the fresh corn & tomatoes that we bought on our trip with Grandma and Grandpa.  We cleaned house well, & then the kids enjoyed swimming some more.

Thursday, we went to Grandpa and Grandma's House to help with some yard work.  It was super hot!!  Grandpa said it hit 92.

Friday, Mrs. Mallard came to visit, while I was out on the porch.  Kids spent most of the day, reading or fishing.  What a life!!

Saturday, Teddy is packing for youth camp.  My flowers on the porch are beautiful.  Kids & I went out to get a few things Teddy will need.  tony arrived home in the afternoon.  We are happy to have him back!!"

These layouts can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make them.  The important thing is to just get the memories down on paper. 

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