Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Design Tip by Happy Scrap Arts!

Using tickets on your scrapbook pages by Happy Scrap Arts

If you made paper scrapbooks before making digital scrapbook pages, you might have used your admission tickets when you visited places. I always kept them as a souvenir and pasted them on my pages in my scrapbooks. Tickets are a wonderful way to show where you have been and when. I loved to use them. But now with the digital photos books you might think that you cannot use them anymore. Well yes you can still use them, and I do use them a lot. 

If you have a scanner you can scan them and use them on your pages, but if you do not have one, you can try to make a photo of the ticket. You can use it on your page that way.
Unfortunately lots of parks don’t give those tickets anymore, you just get a receipt, like in the supermarket, and you don’t want to use those on your scrapbook pages.
Did you think about making your own ticket? It’s possible and not that hard to do.

You can use the traditional ticket and write the name of the park or place you visited on it, and even add the date. You can also use an empty journal card and embellish that with journaling and maybe even a logo. Most of the time the places we visit have sites and they have their logo on it. So you can go and download it and then use it on your ticket. 

It’s easy to make your own journal card in My Memories Suite. Just open an empty page and click on shapes and lines. Click on “Add” and choose the shape you want to use for your ticket. There is a big choice of shapes so there will be one that inspires you for sure. After clicking on close you can choose the color you want by clicking on “Color” and then even add a shadow if you wish. After that you can still change the size of the shape so your card can fit with all you want to put on it. If you plan on using it more, you can save an empty card so that you can use it every time you want to make your own ticket. 

Here are some exemples for you:


I have made a free quick page for you with an empty ticket on it, so give it a try with that page and see if you  like the result.

Get it in my store here:

I have a set of traditional tickets in store, so if you want to give it a try, take a look here: 

I have several sets of journal cards in store that you can see here: 

I have a sale for you in my store, be sure not to miss it, you can use it to buy some journal cards or tickets and use them on your vacation pages. 

Happy scrapping everone.

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