Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meet feature designer Pat's Scrap

Hello everyone ! My name is Patricia, my nickname is Pat.

I’m a teacher for more than 30 years… how times goes by...
I love my job, difficult moments sometimes but so great moments too when pupils smile and tell you they have succeed for example.

I live in a nice french area : Savoie with its lakes and mountains. A beautiful country, with snow in Winter.

What I love ? my family (my husband, daughters and grand-daughters), my friends of course and also travelling, I really love Brazil, its music and culture and many other countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Scotland…)

I love soccer, Brazilian teams and in France "Olympique Lyonnais", a great club near where I live in a fantastic town : Lyon
I enjoy gardening, going to the fitness center, my cats and so many other things…

I started scrapping in 2010  with Paint Shop Pro software, I began with tags.
I decided to be a designer in Autumn 2013 with Photoshop. It's always a great, great pleasure to create a kit : choose and create some elements, think of the colours and the theme...

What about my style ?
I’ve got no definite style, I love all around childhood and teens because of my job I think !
I often mix traditional elements with flowers, leaves and often add some scenic ones.

Do you prefer:
Apple or Android, Coke or Pepsi, dark or light chocolate, hot or cold

Well I prefer Apple, love Apple... 
I don't often drink coke, I prefer water. I love dark chocolate with nuts...
I also love hot days, don't like winter...

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3dlovely said...

I love the colors! So calm and relaxing.