Thursday, August 20, 2015

Playing with Ripped Edges by LLL Creations - MyMemories Designer

One of the features of My Memories Suite that I like to play with is 'Ripped Edges'

You will find this feature on the right side control panel under the photos tab.

With your photo selected click on the 'Rip' button and the screen below will pop up.

At this point you have the choice of ripping 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides of your photo.  I find the preview it shows to be inaccurate compared to the amount of ripping it actually does.  When I set the rip width to 70 (the maximum) it does not rip as much as the preview it shows but it does give you an idea of how it would look.

Here is the how the photo actually looks ripped on 4 sides at a maximum of 70.

I find ripping your photos gives them a unique and interesting look.

The other thing I like about the rip feature is if you add a matte to your photo the ripping really stands out.  In the below layout I added a matte to my photo (size 20) and then used the rip feature.

You can also use a photo box and drop in a background paper into it (instead of a photo) and then you can 'rip' it to give your paper a ripped look as shown below.
(And don't forget, the matte can be colored to any color you like)

So play around with photos, photo boxes, mattes and the rip feature.  It can change the look of your page completely!

You can find all of the items in these layouts in my shop!

If you liked this tip, feel free to comment or come over to my facebook page and tell me!  Or better yet, show me a layout you did trying this tip!

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Arlene said...

So freakin' adorable Lil. I love those plaid/checkered/squares? background papers. Awesome colours. The kid is pretty cute too, lol.

Lil said...

Thanks Arlene!