Monday, August 17, 2015

Hop on the August MyMemories Blog Train!

We hope you enjoy August's MyMemories Blog Train! 

You will be directed to each designers store at the MyMemories site. If you have not already done so, you will need to sign up for an account [note: this is a one time sign up and no purchase is necessary].
There is a special link to each designers gift that must be obtained from each designer. That link will take you to their store and their gift.
The new process is:
  • visit each designer’s blog or FB posting for their preview & special link
  • click on the link provided you will then be taken to their MyMemories store
  • place their gift in your shopping cart
  • check out when you have all the gifts collected

Download MyMemories August Blog Train HERE!

Here are the rest of the stops! 


JustMeAM said...

Perhaps I've overlooked it, but have been unsuccessful at locating the link for the kit / contribution (featured image) at the beginning of this post. Anyone else having the same issue?

Anonymous said...

Hello...please forgive me for crashing this comment section, but I need to ask for some help. I have used Canon Photorecord software for years and I am looking for a replacement (P/record can only be used on Windows XP and older). I am looking for software that will enable me to print 11 x 8.5 on my printer. I wish to design my own pages (I use no background) and print edge to edge with no borders. I also wish to drag and drop photos directly from My Photos rather than load them all into the software's gallery.
I have downloaded the trial version of My Memories and it will only allow me to use a template or start a book.
I have watched tutorials on youtube and it seems this is possible. I would appreciate any comments and direction to point me to designing my own pages.
I have spent days online trying to find the software that will fit my needs; I think I am getting close!
Thank you for addressing the problems of a helpless newbie.
Best regards from Gail in Washington State