Monday, August 4, 2014

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Hi, I am Lil of LLL Creations.  I've been designing for a number of years and have been with My Memories for 3 years.  I'm a wife, a mom and a nana to 2 adorable boys and life is busy!  I work part time 'outside' of the house, mostly to get me away from the computer. But 2 years ago my job changed and I now do computer work at my outside job too.
I have a little addiction.  :)

I have a very creative mind and I am always multitasking (even though it drives my hubby crazy!).  I usually have 3 or 4 different projects on the go at one time and luckily my hubby is good with tools so he can implement a lot of them ... lol.  We had our house built 7 years ago in a new subdivision and after going through a few model homes we decided on one that we liked.  I took the floor plans of that house from the builder and I scanned them into my graphics program and I moved walls, redid the entire kitchen layout, added a bathroom downstairs and much more.  When I handed them back to the builder (with a little smiley face in the corner) we both thought he was going to say 'Ah... no, all that can't be done'.  But luckily for us, he agreed and they did everything we wanted.  We still laugh because he gave my drawings to the draftsman but took out my smiley face. I guess he didn't think that was funny.    :)  

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