Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....MariScrap!

Tell Us A Story.....

hi everyone, 
I'm Mariscrap, 37 years old....wouawww the time goes up so quickly!!
I'm married, a mother of 2 adorable DDs who are my principal subjet of inspiration...for the colors, them and 
I started to scrap in 2007, when my fisrt DD borned. I would like to have a really lovely and adorable "new born" card
I done such awful thing...no, no don't ask, I won't show you . When I searched a website to print it, I found some 
fantastic, awesome digital scrap pages...and that's it!!! I thought that if some Ladies could do that, I could do too. 
I started to CT for some designers and after decided to designer myself. I create some digital product since 2009 now!!!

At the moment, I have a CT call..so don't hesitate to apply (see the subject on the forum)..beginner are welcome too!!! 
I was a beginner one day too.

So you know me a little more ...arfff, one last thing (I also tell this in the end, otherwise nobody talk to me anymore
during party and BBQ) i'm a maths teacher in real life...yes trust me!!!

Have a nice day everyone, wish you the best for all your porjects and bless your familly.

Great scrapping

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