Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wanna win an iPad 2???

So make sure you check out the MyMemories Facebook Page and LIKE us - we really want more new friends!! And - we want to thank you with an EXCLUSIVE Free Download kit just for liking us! So - it's WIN WIN WIN around here! So, like our page and share it with your friends and when we hit 10,000, somebody gets a SUPER COOL iPAD!!! How amazing is that? Winner will be drawn at random from ALL our FB friends, so new friends AND old friends all have a chance!


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's WEDNESDAY - so it's *Challenge Day* on the MyMemories Blog!

... and as always, a new challenge posted means a new WINNER from last week's challenge!! So, a BIG congrats to SUE MORRIS!! Your "I Love Fall" page was selected as last week's winner! Please send me an email at to get the info you need to claim your prize!! Great job Sue!

You can always check out our amazing MyMemories Facebook page too if you need help getting started or want to make some FUN new friends!!

So, get to it... and don't forget to make a memory today!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's MONDAY - meet this week's Featured Designer, *Lindsay Jane*!!

It's MONDAY again, and you know what that means?? It's time to get to know another one of our amazing MMS Designers!!
This week it's *Lindsay Jane*!  Let's get to know her a little better.
  • What do you *snack* on when you design??? - Chocolate of there anything else! 
  • What's your favorite season/holiday - and why??? - Love summer because I can sit by our pool and relax. 
  • What is your dream vacation destination??? - The Greek Islands. I went there when I was 20 years old and would love to go back there one day. 
  • How big is your family??? - I share a house with all boys, my husband and 3 teenage boys aged 13, 15 and 17. 
  • My all time favourite kit is Cooked to Perfection - which is why I am planning a Baked to Perfection kit (using the same colors) sometime soon.

Lindsay is an amazing designer and she wants to share some fun goodies with you!! Go on over and check out her shop at and leave a comment telling us what your favorite kit is of hers and you could win a $10 or $20 shopping spree to her shop!

Be sure to also check out her great sales going on!

And a big *CONGRATULATIONS* to "Cajame" who was selected as the winner from last week's Designer of the Week, and will get some goodies from *CatDesignz*! Please email me at to get all the information you need to claim your prize!

So... have a Happy Monday... and don't forget to make a memory today!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

*MyMemories Suite Workscreen Tour*

Good morning! It's Saturday and I thought I'd share another *Short & Suite* tutorial from our video library with a great little tour around the MyMemories Suite workscreen! This is a great little video if you are just getting started with MyMemories and want to know "what do all those little buttons and tabs do???"!! So, check it out and see what you think!

*MMS Workscreen Tour* from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

There's also a PDF that accompanies this lesson and can be helpful if you are a "I'd like to print that out" kind of person. Here's the link: TOUR THE MMS WORKSCREEN PDF. It follows along with the video and can be a great "cheat sheet" to refer to while you are working on your projects!

Remember to check out ALL the fun stuff we have going on over at our MyMemories Facebook page! We have a few challenges, a Sunday Speed Scrap and MORE fun scrappy friends than most people can handle!! So, have a Happy Scrappy Saturday ... and don't forget to make a memory today!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Wednesday! That means it's CHALLENGE DAY on the MyMemories Blog!

So, have fun with it - the more creative the BETTER! Remember if you are looking for some fun new FALL kits, there is some great stuff in the Design Shop!

You can always check out our amazing MyMemories Facebook page too if you need help getting started or want to make some FUN new friends!!

So, get to it... and don't forget to make a memory today!

*BONUS* There's a new Facebook page EXCLUSIVE Fan Freebie kit - check out the link - LIKE our page and share it! You get the goodies!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet this week's Featured Designer *CatDesignz*

Hi there and welcome to another Monday!! You know that means it's the day we feature our great MyMemories Designers! This week we are featuring a newer designer to MyMemories - Catherine of *CatDesignz*. We asked what she'd like to share about herself and this is what she had to say!! So, give her a big welcome and say hi!

Catherine here, aka CatDesignz. I’m lucky enough to live in the beautiful Bronte country of West Yorkshire with my husband, our 10 year old son and our mischievous border collie puppy Rusty – you’ll see their pictures in a lot of my layout samples! I work full time managing a shopping mall and like to scrap and design as a way of unwinding. I have to say, what started out as a hobby has become something of an obsession! You can see a little of what I get up to on my blog My biggest thrill is seeing what people create with my designs – 
I’d love for you to post your creations on my Facebook page!! 

Here's some of Catherine's fun stuff to take a peek at!! CatDesignz MyMemories Shoppe! Leave her a comment and tell her which kit is your favorite and somebody's going to win her WHOLE shoppe!! 
Thanks Cat! Winner selected and posted next Monday!

And... a BIG congratulations to Dacia!! Your name was selected from last week's entries to win a FREE collection of EVERYTHING in *Missy's Bits* shoppe at! 
 Please send me an email to get the information you need to claim your prize!

Remember to check our the MyMemories Facebook page too - there's always something fun going on over there!! 

Happy Monday... and don't forget to make a memory today!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New to MyMemories Suite?? A little *Get Started* video tutorial!

Good morning!! We have had SO many new friends join MyMemories lately, I thought I'd share our "Getting Started with MMS" video tutorial again! We will be adding some new videos soon to cover some great new topics, but I hope you will find this helpful! Check it out!!

New to MyMemories Suite? Let's Get Started! from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

Please feel free to send me an email (LisaJ@MyMemories) if you get stuck on anything and check out our AMAZING group of friends on our MyMemories Facebook page - there is almost *always* someone there willing to help!

Happy Saturday... and don't forget to make a memory today!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Look what YOU did with MyMemories Suite!

It's FRIDAY again, and time for another great feature!! Today is the day we share what YOU are doing with YOUR MyMemories Suite program! There are as many projects to be proud of as there are people who use this awesome software and we have set aside a special place on Friday's here on the MyMemories Blog to let YOU show them off! Today, meet Barbara Novak - Barbara's a busy person and is involved in many kind of projects! She created this great album to capture the memories of a recent art show she was a part of! I think the album is a great work of art too!

If  *YOU*  have a project you'd like to show off, please send me an email and send me a few great pictures (or saved pages) and a little bit about the project - we'd love to feature YOU too!

Always make sure you check out the blog regularly to find all the fun things we have going on and *LIKE* at our MyMemories Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter too! 

 So... enjoy your Friday... and don't forget to make a memory today!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Wednesday - Challenge Day on the MyMemories blog!

And check out last week's Remembrance Challenge winners... it was a very tough choice, because every single page was touching and heartfelt! If your page was selected please email me at to get the information you need to claim your $10.00 shopping code to the Design Shop! Thanks to all who shared their very special pages!
Here's a great page from our own *Suite Chick* Linda H. showing off this great new kit, "Birthday Bash" from *Albums To Remember* (which is even on SALE right now!!) So check it out and THANKS Linda for the great page!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet this week's Featured Designer, *Missy's Bits*

Welcome to this week's Designer Spotlight post! This week we'd like you to meet Melissa of *Missy's Bits*! We are super excited about many of our newer Designer's at and wanted you to get to know a little bit about them!

Here's what Melissa had to say:

 "My husband Matt and I have been married for 10 years. We have a 7 year old son and an 8 month old daughter. We live on Florida's Gulf Coast. Matt and I work together at our family's air conditioning company.  I fell in love with scrapbooking after my son was born. The idea was to create a unique baby book for him. That turned into several books and an entire room dedicated to scrapbooking. I stumbled on digital about 4 years ago when I was editing photos. I wondered if I could make an entire page on my computer. I started searching the web and discovered a whole new world of scrapbooking!! I started designing about a year later, and I love it! I still like to get out the paper supplies every now and then and make a mess, but digital is much easier (and cleaner) to do in my spare time.
 And anyone with a baby knows that spare time is hard to find!!"

Melissa is generously giving away her WHOLE *Missy's Bits Shop* at the Design Shop to one lucky winner this week!  Please be sure and post a comment - maybe tell us which Missy's Bits kit is YOUR favorite!  We'll draw one lucky winner and post next week!  Here are just a few of the designs in her shop, make sure you check them ALL out!!  As a SPECIAL BONUS - Melissa has put her WHOLE *Missy's Bit's* Shop on SALE this week!!  So, get on over there and grab some great goodies!! 

Make sure you check out our VERY busy MyMemories Facebook page for all kinds of fun things and help if you get stuck!  We are making so many new friends and we love getting to know *YOU* too!

Good luck and stayed tuned later today for the WINNER'S from last week's StoryRock giveaway!! Posted soon!

UPDATE:  The Winner's from the StoryRock Designer giveaway have been chosen!  Congratulations to CINDY and KIMMIE!! Please send me an email at and I will give you the information you need to claim your prize!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The GUIDE to using GUIDES in your MyMemories Suite Project!

Have you wondered what good the GUIDES are in your MyMemories Suite program are? Did you even know there were guides?? Well, there ARE these cool little things called Guides, and they are GREAT for creating all kinds of projects you can print at home, on any standard printer - or prepare for sending to about a zillion online printers out there! So, check out this *Short & Suite* video tutorial (the accompanying printable PDF link is below the video) for some great information on how to use them to make your projects *just right* for printing!

*Using GUIDES to create PHOTO PAPER ready layouts* from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

Here is the link to the matching PDF - it follows the video and can be used as a reminder *cheat sheet* to walk you through creating YOUR project, and make your printing options a snap! Click here for the PDF: *The GUIDED Tour*

Please enjoy and don't forget to make a memory today! 

Remember if you EVER need help or get stuck, there is almost always someone on the MyMemories Facebook page that can help, and I'm only an email away! So, zip me a note at and make sure you *LIKE* us on Facebook!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's WEDNESDAY! That's *Challenge Day* on the MyMemories blog!

This week's challenge might be tough... it's about remembering. Scrapbooking is an amazing way to preserve our family's story - and it's not always happy. While many memories are fun and exciting, there are times that we just need to scrap to work through our feelings and emotions. This week, especially as our country enters a week of many ceremonies and moments that we can all look back and commemorate and remember - let's share those...

... a BIG congratulations to last week's winner! We loved ALL the "All About Me" pages! Thanks so much for posting each one! Meg, please send me an email at to get the information you need to claim your prize! :-)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday... and don't forget to make a memory today!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet *StoryRock Designs* - this week's Featured Designer!

Meet this week's Featured Designer, *StoryRock Digi-Scrapbook Designs*! StoryRock has a great collection of Designer Template kits and Packs that cover just about any theme you can imagine! Make sure you check out the *StoryRock* shop at for all their great stuff! Here's a few to make sure you see...

And here's the best part... StoryRock is giving away TWO $100.00 shopping sprees to their shop this week! So make sure to leave a comment to let 'em know which kit YOU like best! Winner will be selected at random and posted next Monday! Good luck!

... and here's last week's BIG winner's! Congratulations to *2PeopleInLove* who wins a $100.00 shopping spree, *Donna* (from Edmonton/MyTime blog) AND *Chris Allport* who both win a $50.00 shopping spree! Please send an email to me at to get the information you need to claim your prize!

A very BIG thank you to *TrixieScrap Designs* for her great giveaway!
Remember all TrixieScraps Designs are on SALE for the rest of September,
just in case you didn't win this time!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

*Using PHOTO ONLY Templates* in your MMS!

Good morning! Here's a little tutorial lesson that will give you some GREAT ideas on using those wonderful (and often overlooked) PHOTO ONLY templates that come with your MyMemories Suite software! They are a great way to create great pages quickly! So, check it out! Can't wait to see what YOU come up with!

*Using PHOTO ONLY Template Albums & Pages* from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

There's also a printable PDF that goes with this tutorial if you like to have
directions you can follow along with while you're working through the video!

Let me know what you think!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Look what *YOU* are up to!!

Good morning! It's FRIDAY and another chance to show what YOU have been up with your MyMemories Suite software! So, today - a great project from our own *Suite Chick* Kat! It's fun to remember that whatever you can do with a jpeg file, you can DO with your MMS project pages! In today's feature - Kat used a page she created with Meredith Cardall's awesome kit, "Dress Up" and created a T-Shirt transfer and made this adorable shirt for her precious princess! What do you think?? I think *AWESOME*
...although I think that little face just makes the shirt even cuter, don't you???

So... a BIG thanks to Kat for sharing her project - now... let's see YOURS! Email me if you have a fun project you've created, and you could be our next Friday feature! Email:!