Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Documenting Your Life

And Justice For All is a Heritage Scrappers Collection ready to assist you in creating pages that write the next chapter of your family story.

Genealogists and historians work at examining a multitude of court house records. When searching, they hope to reveal an ancestor who had dealings with the legal system. This collection will help you scrap those records and preserve your history.

Documenting your Life Question-Prompt [Q128]:

·       Scrap about an “ancestor surprise” you uncovered during your research.

·       Scrap about your family history and include a photo of a document that revealed new information.

·       Tell a story about your search for information; successful or not.

To help you get started, I have a quick page for you. Just click on the preview and go to my store and add it to your shopping cart and check out.

Here are the previews of the collection and layouts from my Creative Team to offer you inspiration. As always, my heritage collections can be used to scrap everyday life in addition to the theme presented in the collection. 

The collection and matching photobook are on sale - don't miss out!

Happy Scrapping!

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