Saturday, January 30, 2021

Designer Tip by Connie Prince

How many times have you returned home from an outing or event and thought, “oh no, I forgot to take any photos”?  It has happened to me more than I would like to admit, especially as a scrapbooker.  However, if you get creative you can still document the event and preserve the story!

Lorraine wanted to document her fond memories of her childhood visits to her grandparent’s farm.  She had no photographs of those visits, but she had the story in her mind and through her heartfelt journaling and a little help from Google Maps image she was able to create a layout that I am certain her family will cherish!  Farmhouse Winter is the collection that she used for this layout.

With a new year we all have probably made new promises and goals for our lives.  Cindy created a layout about her plans and how she will remain accountable this year.  She used my Working On Me collection and the brick wall background instead of a photo added texture and a nice focal point for her layout.  

I thought that Bernice did an awesome job using a couple of historical marker photos on her Tennessee layout.  Even if she wouldn’t have had her own personal photographs for this, you can typically find information and even photographs of historical places / markers with an internet search!  She used Travelogue Tennessee to create her layout about Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

A lot of times a collection will contain a background or element that can serve as the focal point for your layout / story.  In the following layout about Star Gazing the background paper really provides an eye-catching backdrop for the story being told!  Collection used is In The Stars.

Do you journal with pen / paper?  Tend to keep ephemera like tickets, brochures, etc?  Incorporate those into a layout to remember those important moments and thoughts.  This layout documents Lorraine’s spiritual journey and things that she wants to strive for in the new year.  A small photo of her actual journal notes along with amazing journaling on the layout pair for a really awesome layout!  The layout as created using Working On Me.

I hope that this article gives you a few ideas of ways to share your story even without the “perfect photo”.  Thank you so much for reading along.

Connie Prince

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Lorri said...

Connie, thanks for the great ideas. Its great to have these thoughts along with some sample layouts to illustrate how well it can be done!