Thursday, December 3, 2020

"Why Scrapbooking?" with QueenBrat Digital Designs


Welcome back to my blog series about “Why Scrapbooking?”  I use Scrapbooking to zen out, decompress and relax (glass of wine, optional!). 

It's good to have a hobby you can do at home when you want to relax. When combined with guilty pleasure television and a glass of wine… well, even better I say! 

I like projects I can do while I hang out with the tv at night. It's a good way to unwind, forget about the day, and get ready for sleep. 

And remember in the My Memories Print Shop you can have your projects printed into beautiful gifts.  These include photo books, single pages that you can then frame, calendars and the newly added cards.

To begin your scrapping project you will need the following:

A digital software program capable of opening .jpg and .png files. I recommend My Memories Suite for this project.  Other software can be used if you have a working knowledge of how it is done, but I will be showing you projects made using the My Memories Suite.   

You can purchase the latest version of this software at You can use my code STMMMS64124 and save $10 on your purchase.  Grab it here.

2. Gather your photos. This is your chance to use a series of photos or if you have one photo that tells the whole story that is great!

3. A scanner to scan your photos onto your computer.  

4. Digital graphics that include digital backgrounds and embellishments (flowers, frames, ribbons, bows, etc…) to decorate your scrapbook page. I have oodles of digital graphic scrap kits available for sell in my store HERE with themes for holidays, sports, love, memories, and much more.

5. A glass of wine or cup of coffee and some creative inspiration!

Are you ready to give today’s project a try?

Since the cards are a newly added feature in the print shop I thought we would give them a try.  They are fairly easy and if you can make a quick page in the My Memories software you can make a card.

Open your My Memories Software Program and click on DESIGN.

Select on CARDS when the next frame pops up.

Select the type of card you would like to make.  For this lesson I'm going to make the 51/2 x 41/4 Horizontal Card. *If you are wanting to print them for you they need to be created as a 5x7 or a 7x5.

If you notice in the bottom tray this card has four pages.  You have the front cover, the inside cover, the inner page where writing usually is, and the back page.  The back page is blank.  We do not decorate it.

Your front page should already be loaded.

Select the background that you would like to use and add it.

*To print cards at you will need to chose the postcard function.

Add embellishments to your card front.  I added a picture and frame to mine so I can make it a personalized card.

Go to your second page.  Add a matching background. 

Add any embellishments that you may want to add.  I added some word art and shrunk it small in size.

Go to your third page.  This is the page where you add your wording so you will need to use some solid so the words can be read easily.  Let me show you.  Add a matching print background to page 3.

Now on the right click SHAPES & LINES.

Click ADD.

Pick a shape.  I chose SCALLOPED MAT RECTANGLE.  Click ADD.  Click CLOSE.

I rotated it 90 degrees and enlarged it some.

Go to color on the right side.  When the box pops up click picker and select a light colored matching color to make your scalloped mat.

Add your text and embellishments.

Slide a background into page 4 if you wish.  I do just so the page isn't setting there empty.  :)

Save your project!

I hope you enjoyed the final post in my “Why Scrapbooking” series.  I will be back in 2021 with a new series!

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