Thursday, November 19, 2020

Documenting Your Life with ADB Designs

The popularity of DNA testing has exploded over the last 10 years. Wonderful TV shows have populated the airwaves too, from The Genetic Detective (props to CeCe Moore) to Henry Gates Jr. on PBS. Many genealogists were encouraged to jump into the DNA pool and they have, in LARGE numbers.

My Genetic Generation Heritage Scrapper Collection is designed around helping you scrap the information you or another family member received when completing a DNA test. Exciting and interesting and sometimes surprising results are frequently received. 

Q113 (scrapping prompts)
  • Scrap the pie diagram you received showing the percentages of your ethnicity and journal about those results.
  • Create a page that compares the information received with family stories passed down through generations.
  • Journal about new cousins found and information shared.
  • Create a timeline of important events during an ancestor's lifetime.
The Genetic Generation HSC is a bit of a departure from standard "Heritage" collections; it is however, appropriate for use with standard heritage photos. I think you will find it useful and easy to work with.  Here is a look at the collection and layouts from my CT.  It is on introductory sale right now through Sunday November 29th. Don't miss this opportunity. 

Be sure and check out the additional Heritage Resource products, sold separately and created to enhance the collection with additional tools. Here is a peek at those tools and layouts from my CT using both the collection and the resource tools.

Here is a gift for you to help you jump into scrapping about your genetic results.  A big thank you to my CT Maureen for creating this gift. Just click on the preview to go to my store and add it to your cart.

Happy Scrapping!

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