Thursday, March 26, 2020

Somebody's Makin' Cookies

Today was a rainy day filled with doing school at home, which in my mind meant we needed cookies! To be honest, I am guilty of just hurrying and making a quick batch of cookies while my kids are off doing something else because it is sooooo much faster! However, I have to remind myself that sometimes my kids NEED to help me so they can learn to do it themselves. At first I asked my daughter to help me which, go figure (she always wants to help me), she did not want to do! However, my boys heard my conversation with her and immediately pounced on the opportunity to help! In the photos you will see my oldest, Mac, and my second oldest, Emmett. They did such a great job and the cookies turned out picturesque which was great since I wanted to share them with you!

Not only do children like to help, but I forget that they also improve on other skills while helping. While my kids were baking these skills were being exercised:
  1. Math skills- We definitely used our math skills since I was trying to not have a ton of measuring spoons/cups being used. We worked on fractions, addition, and order sequences.
  2. Fine motor skills- My boys helped me whisk, stir, pour, measure, and they had a lot of fun using the hand mixer!
  3. Vocabulary- I explained to them the difference of packed brown sugar vs. unpacked and we went through teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups.
  4. Following instructions- We read through the recipe and followed it step by step.
  5. Social skills- Both boys took turns, discussed, problem-solved, and had a boost of self-esteem!
I had some M&M minis in my pantry that I bought around Christmas (yes they were meant for cookies around that time that never came to fruition). My favorite recipe for this type of cookie can be found HERE. There are so many cookies that you can make and some call for very few ingredients. Usually cookies require a flour of sorts, sweetener, oil, and some other pantry basics. Peanut butter, oatmeal, sugar, and chocolate chip cookies typically require basic ingredients.

So gather up the kiddos, have them wash their hands, and create sweet treats and sweet memories! Make sure to take some pictures...yes my phone definitely ended up with flour on it!


I have included a sampling of some of our baking kits, for my pages I used Kimeric Kreations, "Whatchagot Cookin' Kit".


Take care,
Carly Allred
MMS Creative Services Director

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