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Get inspired by November's Excusive kits!

Here at MyMemories we have so much to be grateful for.  While you should exercise gratitude no matter what time of year- November is always a special time to reflect on all of the many things we are grateful for, so all of these kits have one thing in common...they are inspired by things we are grateful for!  It could be that you are grateful for your family members or that little sweet shoppe down the street!

We are so happy to share these awesome layouts with you too!  You can look at any kit and think it can be a great kit, but when you are able to have a sample with a wonderful layout it can really get the creative juices flowing!  Our creative designers put together some beautiful layouts to give you just a sampling of what amazing creations you can complete with this month's exclusive designs!

Scraps N Pieces
"There's just something about an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that makes it magical. People of every age gathering around the freezer to pick their favorite scoops, sharing stories of all the memories they made around these very tables. Sweet Shoppe brings to mind all these special stories and makes them scooper easy to scrap. The timeless color palette combines sweet pinks, sugary blues, pops of red and gold, and a solid base of black of white for a sundae of fun. The timelessness doesn't stop with the color scheme; this kit is packed full of inspired patterned papers, weathered newsprint solids, vintage ephemera, and a stacked newsprint alpha. But the highlight of this kit has to be all the sweet little details: ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, cake stands, macaroons, a bicycle, a table, and a cute little sweet shoppe. There are also plenty of buttons, banners, flowers, and frames to round out your scrapbook page. Whether you're telling stories of a bygone day, expressing thankfulness for time spent sharing treats with family, or celebrating milestones with mountains of ice cream, you'll love scrapping with Sweet Shoppe."
-Scraps N Pieces 

Polka Dot Chicks
"Love is the answer. All you need is love. Love wins. Family comes in all different forms. Love makes a family. Love is something every person has in common. Love matters most. Not all families are the same. Some families have a mom and dad, some have one dad, some have two dads, some have one mom, some have two moms, some have grandparents or aunts and uncles as the main caregiver, for some it might be a family friend. It’s the love that keeps the family going. I was inspired to make this kit after talking to my daughter Shelby and I was stuck for a theme and she suggested love and we picked out the colors and this is what we came up with."
-Polka Dot Chicks 
Marniejo's House of Scraps
"I am so very thankful for the simple life that my husband and I lead. We have time to spend doing the things that we enjoy. Talking to one another, making our feelings known brings us closrer together. Family is very important to us in this sped up world, there is plenty of time to spend with them. Since our life is less complicated we can just lock the door and go visiting. We were both brought up in a time when there was always time to lend a helping hand to those in need without leaving ourselves short. I am so blessed to be able to spend my life with someone who has the same values as me. Simply put, I am content. Here is hoping that you find peace and contentment in your life. That is what has inspired me to create "A Simple Life"."
-Marniejo's House of Scraps 

 Connie Prince
"Memories. From the most ordinary moments to huge life changing moments - our memories are what make up our life story. With the passing of time we lose loved ones, people may move away, or relationships end.  Oh, but the memories! Those are ours to keep and hold near to our heart! You can close your eyes anytime that you wish and remember the people and moments of your life and for that I am incredibly grateful!" -Connie Prince 

Aimee Harrison
"I am so thankful for my partner in life and the happiness he brings. I wanted to focus on him this month as we celebrate the many things we have to be thankful for in our lives." -Aimee Harrison 
Cutie Pie Scraps
"Road trips are special. Road trips are one of the best ways to freshen the mind and enjoy every moment with nature. They give us the much needed break from our daily routine and bring us closer to our family members and friends. I have gone on many road trips with my family and these trips give us a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones which we miss during our routine days. One of the most memorable trips I have been on with my family was our road trip to my grandparents’ place during our summer vacations. I took permission from my mother to travel alone with my friends and I was so excited yet nervous about this first ever solo road journey of mine and exploring new things was a unique experience for me." -Cutie Pie Scraps 

"One of the coolest things in this century is speedy DELIVERY and the ease of shopping online! How amazing is it that you can order something with a click of your mouse and it arrives to your doorstep within 2 days?! This SPECIAL DELIVERY Collection celebrates the fun of fast shipping. Whether you shop at stores, bid on auctions, or purchase a handmade craft, your front doorstep holds special deliveries, and this vibrant series will let you celebrate your packaged surprises!"-MagsGraphics 

Sugar Moon Designs
I'm always thankful for the seasons changing. I think that's such a wonderful experience to watch as the leaves change color in the autumn. By the time that autumn comes around I'm usually done with the heat of summer and I welcome the chilly nights, the rainy afternoons, the cozy sweaters, the warm baking goods and soups that autumn makes you crave. I love how autumn encourages us to reflect of the year that has passed, It gives us the chance to witness again the cycle of death and the promise of rebirth. We know that things are going to get frozen and barren in the winter, but autumn gives us one last burst of spectacular beauty before going to sleep and promises to greet us again in the spring. I hope my kit has captured some of the colors and joy of the autumn, and inspires you to save some special memories with it." -Sugar Moon Designs 

Couric Designs
"Thanksgiving is a chance for families to gather together, to share experiences and to enjoy being with one another. Everyone can find something to be grateful for no matter what the situation is at the moment. I am grateful to have family to share with during the holidays. The tradition of Thanksgiving dinner serves as a reminder of friends and family, of past times and memories that might otherwise be forgotten. Sharing and learning about one another is priceless. We love to share our beloved experiences about loved ones still with us and those who are still alive only in our hearts." -Couric Designs 
 Shmooangel Designs
"Exploring forests without a particular destination in mind, taking in the sights and sounds of birds, animals, and trees, with the scent of moss and ferns in the breeze—being in nature is one of the few places you can feel fully unplugged and your cares just drop away. During quiet moments in nature, you can feel the pulse and breath of the planet in bird songs and frog calls and the wind in the trees, the living earth shows us every day all the ways that we are all connected and interdependent."
-Shmooangel Designs 

Tami Miler Designs
"I'm so thankful for my family. My husband, who works so hard to provide for us, and is endlessly supportive of me. My children, who are such loving kids and work hard to be successful in life, and my extended family, all of my best friends are family. I have the best family a woman could ask for!" -Tami Miller Designs 

PattyB Scraps
"It is sometimes hard to express the gratitude we feel for that amazing friend. The friend that is there for us, no matter what. I am blessed to have such a friend in my life." -PattyB Scraps 
Kathryn Estry
"Grandkids, such a blessing! I loved being a mom more than anything else in this world, and now I'm getting to do it all over again (sort of) with my 5 Littles, as I call them. There is so much joy snuggling up with them and a good book, playing silly games with them, singing with them, and watching them discover their world. Thank you, Lord, for my grandkids!" -Kathryn Estry 

Meryl Bartho
"I am so thankful for modern technology which enables us to freeze precious family moments in time - the wonderful cameras we have, amazing graphics programs to create beautiful scrapbook pages to preserve the memories & stories for future generations. I am also so thankful for our wonderful photographer friend, Dean, with whom we have had a number of photoshoots over the years. 
With a grateful heart, I was inspired to create this kit which I hope you too, will love to use to create beautiful pages for your family." -Meryl Bartho 

FranB Designs
"I love video games... I've been playing since they were in the very early stages, I even played Pong! In the 1990s I played an online game called Realm where we killed monsters. One game friend wanted to meet and eventually we married and are very happy together over 20 years later! So I wanted to share my love of video games with some classic games and some more recent favorites!" -FranB Designs 

LLL Creations
"Good friends are like family. Lifelong friends are people you are comfortable with even after long separations. You've shared some great times and you will always feel close to them. These type of friends are precious. Scrap the moments that you have together. Scrap your past memories. Be thankful that you have these friends in your life.  I am so thankful to have these friends in my life!" -LLL Creations 
"I am so thankful for nature being so beautiful with it's luxurious and changing vegetation each season and it's beautiful animals. I am thankful for the tranquility and calm of the forests and for its magical atmosphere. It's a real pleasure to go for a walk with my dogs." -Kastagnette 

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