Thursday, June 6, 2019

It's a good life: June 2019 with LEA Art Designs

How many times have you looked at all your scrapping supplies and just thought, shewww I wish I had everything already together for this month? Well I know I have and that's what made me decide that each month I'd put everything you'd need in a scrapkit together

When I think of June I think of flowers. Flowers every where as far as the eyes can see. So that was a must have in the scrapkit "It's A Good Life:June 2019". Then I just sit and looked at some old photos from last year and saw some things in them that really stood out to me and I put those items in it as well. Here just take a look at my kit...

And I made sure I put some textured papers, glitter papers and many more. I thought that if I used them then others probably do too.

Now there is gonna be a kit every month to add to this series. Each month there will be things that go with the month's events or that's month feeling. My goal is to try and help everyone have a kit that works perfect for all those precious memories you capture. I truly do hope that I will be able to find something for everyone.

I am also trying to find those special add-ons that people use so much to make their pages just pop. I've been doing a lot of stickers, word art and tons of paper paper packs. So if you're like me and need those little things all time, I hope you will be able find those things to go with your pages. Here are some layouts I've done using my stuff that I ran off for my scrapbook I'm making for my daughter's to celebrate this school year.

Well ok guys, I think I've talked enough. Remember to stop by and play all the challenges (including mine) in the forum and to go grab this kit to help with all those June memories. Don't forget though to check back each month for the latest addition to the series to find more great stuff that you'll need. Have a blessed one ya'll!!! BIG HUGS to you all!!!

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