Sunday, June 9, 2019

Insipred by the Not so Good Photos with Marie H Designs 

Hi! I am Marie from Marie H Designs and I am here with a new blog post that I called
“Inspired by the Not so Good Photos”. I am sure I am not the only one that gets LOTS of
these not so good photos and sometimes they are the only ones we have to capture an
event or a special moment.

In my early digi days I used to avoid to scrap these but as the years passed I started to
use them and if they are too bad to compensate with journaling. Having bad photos, to
me, it is part of my family with 3 very active girls.

There are a few ways you can play with your photos to have the most of it. Of course
you can always try to “fix” them but sometimes it is not possible.

How to create layouts with the Not so good photos you have?
  • You can crop your photo to have only one main focus and remove what's not so good.
  • You can size down your photos to make them smaller so the blurriness & fuzziness will show less.
  • If it's the colors that are way off you can always turn them black and white or sepia.
  • You can add stickers or writing ON the photos.
  • You can add lots of journaling or journaling cards to write down the moment. 
OR simply enjoy your photos and scrap them with a sense of humor.

To show you 2 examples of layouts here is a first one that I have created with my oldest
daughters first Halloween. We had forgotten to bring our camera and only had our
cellphones camera and let’s face it in 2010 the quality was not what it is now. So we
have blurry and very dark photos.

As you can see I have decided to clustered them together with lots of elements that
shows the Halloween theme but decided to embrace my photos as they are. I managed
to make them less dark but I had to size them down because on full size it was almost
impossible to see.

I used Boo-tiful Halloween for this layout: 

For that second layout I have used Get Well Soon collection. I had taken photos of our
last visit to the doctor (3 in 5 days) but even my daughter was very sick she was moving
around so much that I was never able to get a “good” photo. I did a pocket journaling
type of layout for the photos and was able to add many journaling, cards to add to the
photos. So even if the photos are not so good I really like that page.

Do you like to scrap your not so good photos? What are your tips and tricks?

I want to see your layouts and you are welcome to join me in my monthly challenge in
the My Memories Forum HERE.

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