Saturday, March 31, 2018

How to back up your files

 March 31, 2018 is World Backup Day, a day to remind everyone to backup all their files just in case.

Here are steps to backup your Purchases from

1.  Login to your account at
2.  Download your purchases in the ideal format for your computer and purposes Windows or Mac for use with My Memories Suite or General (zip) for use in other Digital Graphics Programs like Photoshop Elements, Artisan, or others.
3.  Locate downloaded files usually in Downloads folder.
4.  Copy downloaded files onto an external hard drive in a folder called MM Purchases Backup.

Here are steps to backup your Albums created in My Memories Suite:

1.  Locate your projects usually in the Documents folder.
2.  Copy My Memories Suite Albums folder to an external hard drive into a folder called MM Album Backups.

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