Thursday, March 29, 2018

Documenting your life with ADB Designs

Easter is a sweet (literally and figuratively) time of the year. Spring is finally making an appearance and children are dressed in new Sunday dresses and suits. 

My youngest has a birthday in April that frequently falls the same time as Easter. So depending on the whim of the calendar, he gets to have Easter candy and all the accouterments for his birthday too. He has always found that to be totally acceptable and now that he is in his 30s we laugh about how the Easter bunny used to come for his birthday. 

Q69 (prompt)

Write a story about your favorite Easter or Spring memory. Now scrap it. No photos needed if none exist.  Be sure your journaling of the story is easy to read.  That's all. 

My newest product is a simple page kit, not a collection, and it is just perfect for scrapping this prompt or for scrapping the newest batch of Easter and spring photos.  I am releasing SPRING IS HERE on Easter Sunday, April 1 and it is on sale too through April 15.

Here is a preview of the kit and some wonderful Easter & Spring layouts to give you ideas.






Happy Easter,

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