Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Month by Month Blog Series with ADB Designs

Pictures by Numbers

This year I am going to focus on the number of photos, starting at one and going up to 12 by December. As the months go by I will add samples of more and more photos on each page. So January will focus on layouts with 1 photo, February layouts with 2 photos and so on and so forth. 

Since it's January we will focus on layouts with 1 photo. Single photo layouts look great with all sizes of photos. I have chosen a variety to show you. 

Tip: When working with a single photo on a large page you need to make sure you keep the focus on the photo, you want to make sure your photo is tight in on your subject so it (they) are easy to see. If working with a small photo it can help to put a white border around it to draw attention to it. 

On this layout Jacqui chose to have the photo that take up half the page. This page is nicely balanced between the photo and the journal box. This is a great size if you still want to add some embellishments and have a lot of journaling.You could put the photo above if you have a horizontal photo and journal on the bottom half of the page. Kit used is Cheer Bundle.

Similar to the layout above Kat is using a medium to large photo to tell the story here. As you can see she has focused on the backpack. She has used supporting school elements to help tell her story and balanced the photo out with the circle where she could add the journalling.  Kit used is School.

In this layout Kat used the elements to help tell the story. This is a great way to create a layout when you have one photo and your kit has topic specific elements. It adds so much fun to the page. Here she has faded the edges to blend the photo into the page which adds a great touch.

Here is another page with a smaller photo and supporting elements. I like how Jonyce added the faded paper behind her photo to draw attention to it and then the white border to make the photo really stand out. Kit used is July 4th Independence.

I like how this photo is so small and the only one on the page yet it is still the focus. The photo is a head shot which works great for the size. He doesn't get lost on the page. The elements support the story of his cuteness. Again a white border is used so the photo doesn't get lost. Kit used is For the Boys

I always love large photos on a page. You can use the entire page for your photo and add embellishments in two opposite corners to balance it out. Jonyce blended this photo into the background for an extra cool effect. As you can see the two girls in the photo are still cropped tightly and remain the focus. Kit used is Mother's Love.

Join in on my January challenge on the My Memories Forum. Post your single photo layouts using one of my kits for a chance to win a template set of your choice from my store. 

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