Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Month by Month Scrapbooking hosted by Albums to Remember

Last month I gave you the following ideas for March pages:

St. Patrick's Day – Take some photos of how you celebrate. Do you wear green or not? Why or why not?

Work - Take a photo and journal about where you work. Looking back I would love to read about my grandma's working years. Did she enjoy it? What struggles did she face? Remember we are documenting our lives. What seems mundain and normal to us may not be seen the same way in 50 years from now.

Season – Often in March the weather is changing. Take a seasonal photo in the same spot throughout the year to see the changes.

Everyday Life – What activities are you participating in this month. Take some photos and write about why you are doing it or what you enjoy about it.

Seeing as March is just about over it's time to create your pages. Here are a few page ideas and kits to get your creative juices flowing.

St. Patrick's Day layouts with Green Bliss kit:

Everyday Life photos – did you take a winter/spring vacation?:

Pages created with BP Tropical Set 11 & Hawaii Tropics Kit

Here are some photos from my families every day life: Template used is BP Blocked Set 1

Seasons- Did you celebrate Easter? Here are some Easter layouts for inspiration. Kit – Easter Bunny

Kit – Easter Praise

Here are some ideas for photos April:

Puddles and rain – take photos of the spring melt, do you like to go for walks, if you have kids they may like to play in puddles. Take photos of everyday joys.

Sports – do you play a sport or hobby that starts in spring? What do you love about it?

Anything winding up? - Take some photos of activities you are completing or winding up.

Family Events – Does your family do something special every April? We like to collect syrup from maple trees, and we have family birthdays. Think of things you do in April every year and take some photos of it.

Barb, Albums to Remember Designs

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