Thursday, February 11, 2016

Getting the most out of your "Scrapbook Stash" by LLL Creations!

We all have a different way of organizing our scrapbooking kits.  Some people install everything into My Memories Suite. Others don't install anything.

I'm one of the people that does not install anything into My Memories Suite (even though it truly is the only program I use for scrapbooking).  I'm not sure why I don't.  I think it's just because years ago I started downloading only the 'General' zips, unzipping them and I have all my kit folders in a general folder called ... you guessed it ...'Scrapbooking Stuff' ... lol.  I like having a Scrapbooking Kits folder that I can open and see all the kit folder names all at once. 

Organizing is another thing altogether. I've tried a few different ways and have come to the conclusion that browsing through hundreds of folders when in need of a certain embellishment works for me.  Time consuming ... yes.  But what it does do is it reminds me of items I had forgotten were in certain kits.

That brings me to the point of this tip ... getting the most out of your 'stash'.

Some people I know organize their kits by theme.  Which I think is a great idea, I just haven't got around to it ... lol.  So there would be folders for Christmas, Birthdays, Summer, Winter etc.  and in those folders would be all the kits that go with that theme. This is great as long as you don't forget to sneak into those folders off season.  The one thing I find myself doing all the time (for example) is digging into a valentine kit in the summer to get that one embellishment I know would look good on my summer vacation layout.  Or digging into an Easter kit to get that rabbit when I am scrapping a zoo layout in the autumn.

Being organized is important but even more important is knowing that you do not have to use only one themed kit for a layout.  Mix it up ... add a little from this kit, a little from that kit.  Getting creative with your entire stash makes your layouts more personal than ever.  It also lets you be more creative.

This is an example:
This layout has items from several themed kits ...

(This is my daughter , her husband and my grandsons, who happen to be the subjects of almost all of my scrapbooking.)

This layout includes:

I guess my point is ... don't get stuck in the habit of using everything from just one kit on a layout .  Pull from here, there and everywhere to get the most out of your scrapbook stash. Mix and match. Spend some time browsing through long forgotten kit folders.  You might be surprised at some items you have that you had totally forgotten about.

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