Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Importing Pages From Other Photo Book Albums by LLL Creations!

If you are anything like me you have what seems like a million albums on the go at any given time.   I have photo books on the go for each grandson and a book for gardening and nature, a book for miscellaneous photos etc.  I have a folder full of books I keep adding pages too.

Sometimes I will create a page and then I think 'Darn, I wish I would of put this page into that 'other' book!  When this happens, you don't have to redo that page in the other book, just import it into the other book.

I'll show you how ... it's easy!

Open up the book in My Memories Suite where you want the page to go.

Now click on 'Insert' and then 'Import'.  You will get a pop up screen.  The default place that My Memories Suite saves photo book albums is under 'Documents/My Memories Suite Albums'.  If you haven't changed the place it saves albums the screen that pops up should already have that folder open showing all of your albums.  Personally I created my own folder for saving photo book projects so I just use the browse folder option and found the book I am looking for.  When you find the album that has the page you want to import, click on it and hit 'Open Album'. (It will be an orange icon)

Now a screen will pop up that will show you all of the pages that are in that album. You can click on each page and it will show a preview of that page on the right side.  When you find the page you want to import just click the 'Import Button'.  You can choose if you want it to go at the end of your album or after the current page you have selected.  But it can be moved after you import it anyways so it's not that important.

You now have a copy of that page in the book you have open.

NOTE:  It does not move the page, it's copies it.  So the page will still be in the original album it was made in.  You can always delete it from that album if you don't want it there anymore.

So there you go.  Moving pages from one album to another is easy and every once in a while it really comes in handy.

I hope you enjoyed this tip!

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Unknown said...

You are a total lifesaver! Thank you so much! I put 10 pages in the wrong year album and have been trying to figure out how to fix the mess up for a couple hours.