Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Meet Feature Designer...Paci Peroni!

Hi everybody! My designer name is Paci Peroni!
I've been designing scrap kits and Cu elements for years. However packs for commercial use are my specialty. I live in the Caribbean for almost 13 years. My hubby born here and I love this place.
I feel privileged because I truly believe that the Caribbean is the most beautiful place on Earth. When I design, I see always reflected my love for the Caribbean on my work. 
I have done so many marine things, fishes, pirates and ships, and all things that can be found on this island.
 I find it hard when I have to think about the winter (it does not exist here) In fact, here there are no seasons, 
only an eternal summer. Can you imagine painting snowy landscapes or sheltered people when you're dying by heat? 
I sometimes do. It is not easy. Sometimes I miss the seasons, especially autumn with its rain of leaves.
Although I do most of my style things "cute" I like very much Halloween and gothic stuff. I like to paint happy and funny monsters.

I hope you visit my page at My Memories for know more of my work. Thank you!

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