Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meet today's Feature Designer....Albums to Remember!

My name is Barb and I design under the name Albums to Remember Designs. I generally create kits that mimic paper scrapbooking and love using cardstock so you will usually find a piece of cardstock in every color of the palette I am using in a kit! I usually have to force myself to use pattern paper on a page but none the less I always have a good selection in the kits too. 

When I am not designing I am a wife and mom to two beautiful kids and spend the majority of my time taking them to, watching them, or coaching them in various activities. 

Today as featured designer I wanted to take the opportunity to bring you a tip about shadowing. It's a little something I learned that can take your shadows from good to great! 

Recolor your shadows -That's right, you don't need to stick with grey shadows.  On a page I was doing my stitching shadows were looking very grey and I didn't like it so I recolored the shadow and it looked so much better. Here is how:

Click on the shadow button and click on the color button. Choose picker. Pick the color of the paper your embellishment is sitting on. For me it is the off white background. I pick it and press ok. Then I click the color button again. This time I pick the HSB tab. You will see a small white circle (this is the current color you have choosen). Move the circle down so the color is a few shades darker and press ok. Now your shadow will blend with your background better. 

It is a quick simple step that will make a huge difference in your shadows when you print. Default is grey, but in reality shadows are not grey, they have the tint of whatever they are sitting on. Do this for all embellishments and mats that touch a solid background.

If I have something that touches more than one color (for example my embellishment touches part of my paper and part of my photo) then I always leave it defaulted at the black, just so the shadow color is consistent for the object. Hope that makes sense. Sometimes when you change the color of your shadow you need to make the opacity less (meaning the percentage goes up, so from 65% to 80%). Play around until it looks good to you.

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