Monday, February 23, 2015

Lighten Up Your Background Tip by LLL Creations!

Lighten Up Your Background

by Lil (LLL Creations - Designer at My Memories)

So you have a background paper that is perfect for your layout but it is a little too dark.  No problem!.

With no background on your layout, the background default is white.  Instead of bringing in your paper under the background tab, bring it in as an embellishment.  (If you already have a background on your layout, just go to the background tab and hit 'remove'.)  Once you bring you paper in under the embellishment tab, send it to the back if there are other embellishments already on the page.
Use the opacity slider on the right tool bar under embellishments tab to lighten it up.  Another great thing about bringing your background in as an embellishment is you can flip it or mirror it!

Here is an example:

I love the opacity tool and I find it works great when you really want your picture to pop!

There are many other options too.  Another option is to bring a background in as an embellishment over top of a background that is on your page.   Make the top paper very transparent to give your underneath paper a whole new look!  Or make your background a color and then bring your paper in as an embellishment and use the opacity tool.  Play around with opacity, you never know what kind of look you will come up with.

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