Friday, January 23, 2015

Adding text to a line using MyMemories Suite 6!

Adding Text to a Line in My Memories Suite Version 6

This tutorial was requested by a fellow My Memories Suite digital scrapbook software user for the new versions 6 software that just released. After having some issues getting my text to attach to a line I finally figured it out and figured it would be great to share with everyone what the trick is. 

After the video was created I was asked if you could delete the line. I went in and played and this is what I found. You cannot technically delete the line because the two are attached but you can change the opacity of the line to 0 and it disappears so it gives you the same effect! 

Here is the video:

Barb, Albums to Remember Designs

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Susan said...

Hi, thank you for this video, it was well done. Unfortunately this still doesn't work for me. I put a shape and have text on my page…but can't get/find the command to "attach text to shape". When I right click on the line/text there is a command that states detach from shape…but I don't see the "attach" command. Any help would be much appreciated as this is a feature I want to use. here's my email address and if anyone could email me to offer some help I would be grateful. Thank you!