Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today's Daily Designer.....KapiScrap & Art!

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Let me introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me yet. My name is Sandrine aka KapiScrap. I am French and I’m living in the South West of France.

I created my own company in 2000. I work in the development and testing (quality) software area. Four years ago I created KapiScrap & Art, which focuses on the digital scrapbooking industry. If memory serves, I discovered digital scrapbooking at the end of 2009.

KapiScrap & Art has designed a great collection of kits based on various themes (baking, vacation, kids, holidays…) and with different styles, ranging from vintage style kits like Baking Memories and Once Upon a Christmas to whimsical and more colorful kits.

Before starting to draw the items of a kit or to create the papers, I think of the kit as a *whole*: the style, the palette, and I list all the items I want in the kit. We are two people designing at KapiScrap, so we often share the tasks as we draw everything from scratch and some items require several hours to be designed.

That being said, I have asked my CT girls Monkey’s Musings and Kimmyann to describe our work as they are the best persons to do so. They had this to say:
“Fun, playful, colorful hand drawn elements that scream out  'different from everyone else’s work.' You don’t use CU items so your items are unique to only your kits. Plus your kits and templates are well thought out. You have an eye for detail which is why your work is refreshing.”

"Always a fun to work with and the colors of these kits play off each other so well. The unique elements that are designed for the kits theme are always perfectly detailed. I love working with these unique kits and when I hear there is a new one on its way, I am like a kid waiting for Christmas to come"‎

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