Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meet today's Daily Designer....Touched by a Butterfly!

Enjoy 40% off Touched by A Butterfly in the MyMemories Design Shop until October 13! 

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Unknown said...

Good Morning Celeste! My name is Estee and i love to work with your art work. I like making Scrapbooks, and i used to be a paper Scraper as well. Everything changed when i found MyMemories shop 4 ever. I love to work with the art that you and the other designers make. just read that you have only been working at making your art for 2 1/2 years, WOW! You are really good. I do remember if i am correct that you were 2012-or 2013 Designer of the year. I am also writing to you to tell you a little about what i have going on. I am in the process of starting a web site and i am trying to sell Scrapbooks. I use the art that i purchased from MyMemories. I have spoke with Mike Allred from MyMemories and told me that as long as i sell my Scrapbook pages in printed format that i should be fine. I even e mailed Liz and told her about my site as well and she checked and out and she said she liked my home page. What i am trying to say is that my site is up and running but still needs work. Caroline B contacted me and asked me exactly what was i selling. At that moment my stomach got sick. I e mailed her back and told her what i told you, but i added the fact that I wanted her to forward what i wrote to all of you Girls at MyMemories that i mean no disrespect and that if i am doing something wrong to please contact me. I am not selling the digital art work that you work so hard on. I would never do that. my hole life changed when i started making scrapbooks with you girls. I was really depressed and taking alot of med. Now i have been cutting down on them am have something to look forward to everyday. You girls do not know me but i feel like family because i am with you girls all day everyday.LOL Please contact me back if i have done something wrong. I have not heard from Miss Caroline B. If you would like you can see what exactly i am talking about. My site is called www.getdigitizedwithestee.com. i have actually been working with alot of your art lately In the drop down menu go to Mouse in the house and that is where i have your kits that i used to make scrapbook pages. Thank you for your time, Estee