Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Today's Sunday Designer Challenge! 

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Ever since I was a little girl, I always looked to Autumn as my favorite time of year.  It was the beginning of the school year (yeah, I am one of those that loved school), Halloween was just around the corner, and Christmas was coming real soon.  When I married my husband, he too, loved Autumn, but of course for different reasons, he Loves Halloween.  So what we planned on doing this weekend is the beginning of Halloween Decorations coming out...It takes us about two weeks to finish decorating.
Every year the neighbors and us get together and form a theme.  This year's theme is "Pets".  Guess What?  Yep my favorite theme.  We will dress our animals and go Trick or Treat around the neighborhood.  Instead of dishing out candy, we then make a donation and donate the collection to a Charity.  Of course this year all proceeds will benefit the Animal Shelter in our county.
A funny story, a few years ago my husband and I thought it would be great to get little a treasure chest of toys to give  out instead of candy.  Within the treasure chest, there were some Kazoos.  Halloween night came and started giving out the toys.  Pretty soon, we were hearing the Kazoos being played all over the neighborhood.  The older kids came and that is all they wanted was just the kazoos--they also started playing them.  It sure was funny to hear all the kazoos playing at one time.  After that year is when the neighbors and us decided to do a different theme at Halloween.  
I love to design, but my challenge is to making scrap pages.  I have a variety of techniques, but I love to keep it simple.  The below  page is from my New Mini Kit, Halloween Bears.  Page is a double layer background, with realistic shadow, splitting the backgrounds. I love adding stitched borders around my pages, for me it looks like the page is finished.  I keep it simple by adding a photo, and a few elements, of course with realistic shadows.  I then center everything and it's done.  As you can also tell, if I took out the photo, I would have a Quick page.
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ike said...

Such a brilliant page - this is lovely.
What a great story about your Halloween antics - good idea with the Kazoos instead of candy. Such a pity we don't do the same at Halloween here. :-(
IKE in Greece xxx

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ike said...

What I mean is - we don't DO Halloween LoL :-D x