Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer....Brandi White Designs!!!

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I'm Brandi, I'm a 39-year-old mom in Missouri.  I have lived here my whole life, except for a brief lapse in judgment that landed me in Oklahoma for a few months.  I grew up on one side of the state, and now live on the other.  My biggest achievement in life is my two kids - I know that sounds so cheesy, but they are awesome little people (not so little really, they're 11 and 7) and I'm glad I can claim them!  

I'm very opinionated and generally not afraid to express those opinions, and that sometimes gets me in trouble. It's a complete swing from how I was 20 years ago - I would go along with almost everything just to keep the peace!  I guess as I've progressed through life, I've decided I don't care as much what others think of me - I know the important thing is to be true to myself.

I extend that into my scrapbook designing - I am true to myself.  I have a hard time doing what everyone else is doing - I know what I like, and that's what I design.  That's why my store has a lot more paper packs than full kits - I just don't like making elements, so I do it as little as possible!  My layouts are pretty simple - I am a project life scrapper right now, putting everything into pre-shaped blocks.  I don't post many layouts online, though - we've decided not to post pictures of the kids in public galleries for privacy purposes.  If they want their pictures out there where the world can see them, they can make that decision themselves when they're old enough.  :)  Since 99.9% of my layouts involve the kids, well... that means I don't get to post them!

Hmm, now writing this out has made me want to get busy designing... so... thanks for reading!  And enjoy 40% off of my store between now and the 4th!

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