Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today's Daily Designer is.....NutkinTailz Designs!

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Ok so you wanna know all about me....are you sure?????

My name is Lesley the owner and creator of NutkinTailz Designs I hail from Modbury which is a suburb north east of Adelaide the capital of South Australia, yeah the land of Oz and no green people live hear :) I am married and we have a 33yo son I love animals and have 2 cats, a dog, some fish and all the native wildlife that comes to visit from time to time. My humour is eer well zany, crazy and totally naughty. Reading, cross stitch and digi-scrap design are  main my hobbies and I’m in love with my computer.  
I love life in general and I'd consider myself a child of the earth. I love to garden when I can find the time and nothing is so rewarding than eating your own home grown vegies. I love to bush walk and get back to nature and nothing pleases or thrills me more than to see our native animals in their own environment not locked up in a cage. Even simple pleasures of laying in a paddock and watching the clouds float past pleases me. I like the peace and solitude of the Aussie bush, but if you listen carefully you will notice that it isn't quiet at all.

I will speak my mind...sometimes this is a good thing and others not, I'm often too honest for my own good and I need to learn to think first before I act but I'm learning.
Designing started about 5 years back doing freebies for friends who couldn’t quiet find what they wanted so they put their orders in and after 18 months of that they talked me into selling my creations. Motivation comes from many places usually colours or something that catches my eye and I go from there. My style is many and varied but I totally love vintage and grunge but bright and airy will do depending on my mood or colours I’m working with. I've just discovered art journaling and I've been having a bit of fun doing kits in that genre too. You can be guaranteed a quality product as I'm a strong believer in quality control as I personally don't like to spend good money to receive a substandard product so I wouldn't expect my customers to receive anything less than 100%. 
You might also be wondering how I came about my design name, well as a little girl one of my favourite recorded stories was by Beatrix Potter called Squirrel Nutkin and there was a song he sang on the record that drove my poor dear Dad crazy, he hated it. Nutkin also had a huge fluffy tail and we have a cat called Tailz who actually has the biggest fluffiest tail that we've ever seen, and of course I can't spell anything normally so that's how NutkinTailz came about.

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