Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet Today's Daily Designer.....Mel Hains Designs!

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I am Mel Hains and today's featured daily designer! 

I have had many embarrassing moments, so I will just give you an overview of them and what I have learnt, ;)

When it comes to embarrassing moments, mine usually is the slapstick kind.  It involves lots of falling, sometimes for no reason at all and it has taught me a valuable lesson.  Walking first, thinking later..  I have also mastered the "quick-as-a-flash-of-lightning" get up after a fall, mostly to avoid further embarrassment and to also do an instinctive check to see if all bones are still in tact.  At this point, pain of the body takes a second place to pain of the ego, so hobbling away is definitely more preferable than lying down and let my poor ego take another beating.  

Another firm favourite is messing soya sauce on my shirt (or any kind of sauce actually) when having sushi.  You just can't get rid of it, especially if you have a white shirt on.  So, lesson learnt.  Layer clothing and make sure that I have some kind of scarf around my neck so that I can just peel the soiled shirts off.  Luckily, when it comes to sushi, I usually have it with my friend Brenda, and she is a messer too.  We do look like two chicks who need bibs by the time we finished, but at least I am not alone.  

And then, before I started wearing my glasses (and refused to wear them permanently, poor ego again) I used to greet complete strangers like they were my long lost friends or family.  Nothing like a blank stare or the "shame-this-lady-is-cuckoo" look from a complete stranger.  Now I don't greet unless I am absolutely sure.  At one stage I liked to give my guy friends a hard smack on the back when I saw them.  Now, I make sure it is really a friend before making an enemy! 

The best remedy after all of this, is to laugh at myself.  My favourite nickname when I do one of these things, "Doughball"

I hope you enjoy my sale!  Thanks for reading and lots of scrappy love, 

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