Monday, June 30, 2014

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Hi there.  I’m Marcie of Designs by Marcie.  I’m so excited that I am today’s Daily Designer.  I wanted to share a memory of mine with you, but I’m having such a hard time choosing which one.  Should it be this one?  Or that one?  Maybe my children as a proud moment(s) in my life, but all parents have that.  Or maybe something I find interesting, like how people have different slangs/saying within the United States.  It seems odd that we do not all share the same slangs or sayings since we are all the United States, but we don’t.  I’m from Pennsylvania and I find it funny that in Pittsburgh they say “duntown”  instead downtown.  They put in a long u sound instead of the ow sound which of course changes as you go across the state to downtown.  Where I live we say “Are you going with?” and it perfectly acceptable to not have the me/us/whatever at the end, but neither Philadelphia nor Pittsburgh says it.  People who live in the south say “y’ll” instead of you all.  And…and…oh Oh I’ve babbled here haven’t I?  I tend to do that go off on tangents instead of staying on track when I’m thinking.  So back to the topic here, …  It’s okay to be ME.  Yes I have many faces of me, from wife to mom to friend to taxi driver, but they are all parts of me.  I’m proud of who I am and what makes the parts me up, and you should be proud of who you are too!


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